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Intimate Destination Wedding

Hey there! My name is Carrie and I run Caroline Rose Photography in the greater central Ohio area. I’ve been shooting portraits, weddings and everything in between for the last 11 years. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a camera in my hand whether it was a polaroid, disposable or digital I’ve loved them all the same. I emphasize shooting most portraits in natural lighting so it reflects the mood of the day similar to lifestyle photography.


My favorite shoot was a destination wedding in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The couple was from Medina, Ohio, but I met them where I live and mainly shoot most of my work, Columbus. This wedding like many others I shoot was special but for a different reason. I traveled with the family to Tennessee, stayed in a 75 person cabin with complete strangers and came out with so many friends that treated me like family.

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Weddings are my favorite thing to shoot because I get to witness love in so many ways, people and varieties. From watching a father give away his daughter to blending completely different lifestyles all because two people fell in love is moving. Not only watching but capturing the love between Chelsea and Greg at that Tennessee wedding is something I will never forget.

wilsonEDIT11 (1 of 1)Wilson2wilson185wilsonEDIT15 (1 of 1)Wilson3wilson179Wilson400 (1 of 1)Seeing “the look” in each groom’s eyes will never become old to me. Through all the couples I have photographed so far in my career, Chelsea and Greg were the best match of them all. Throughout the whole day it seemed like Chelsea and Greg knew exactly what each other were thinking without speaking a word. Seeing two people fit together so seamlessly reminds me why I started photographing in the first place, to capture the authenticity of each person in front of my lens.

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