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Lawrence & Olivia Photography


Lawrence & Olivia Here! I guess you could call us a photography duo! Actually, most people call us Larry and Livie for short. We're an engaged couple, young and in love working together towards our dream. We are passionate about taking pretty pictures and telling love stories. It's as simple as that! With a mans creative eye and a woman's eye toned to see the details, I'd say we make a pretty cool team. From weddings, engagements, portraits and more, we love what we do and LOVE meeting new people! We first started taking photos in high school together when we were 14 and 16 and have fallen more and more in love with the art of photography and videography.

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Along with photography we also love adventure! We love venturing far away to find awesome locations for photoshoots. One of our favorite's was Gentry and Taylor's engagement shoot in Chattanooga, TN at the top of a mountain, looking out to beautiful miles of land. The sun was setting and there was a perfect golden glow. I'm not gonna say much more because the photos speak for itself.Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.14.46 AMI05A1854

Our second favorite shoot was unlike any other. Allison wanted her senior photos to be unique from all of her friends. We found an old abandoned base ball field in Nashville. Just the feeling inside was eerie and of course, called for some sick photos.

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The whole stadium was torn apart. There was broken glass all over, graffiti, trash and weeds covered the field. It felt like something you would see in of a dark end of the world movie. It was awesome.

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