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  • Styled Session, by Tawny Raquel Photography


    Okay, so before we get into this particular session, let me tell you a little about me.

     I am Tawny Raquel, and I am a full time Photographer & Graphic Designer. Its always good to know your photographer a little bit before shooting, so here are a few things about me: I love the Lord with all my heart, and am a worship leader at my church. I know every line to the tv show Friends. I am a sucker for glaze donuts, and will never turn one down. I love all animals, but especially puppies. And I love being outdoors! 

      I have had a huge passion for photography for as long as I can remember. I graduated with a degree of Digital Design & Production. To be honest, I LOVE what I do. And yes, like everyone, it is work. However, when you're doing something you love, everyday that goes by feels fulfilling!

       My specialty is the use of natural light. I am in love with the lighting that the sun brings, and would choose that over studio shooting anyday! 

       I like to capture moments in between posing. Natural expressions are what make the best photos. I love capturing your memories, and turning them into art that you can enjoy for a lifetime. There is no limit when it comes to making memories, So I like to have fun during my sessions, and do things that no one has done before. 

    I want to show the natural, beautiful YOU in my photos, because we are all beautifully made, and  because life is beautiful.

    Planning your wedding? Let me plan with you! I adore everything about weddings, and I am there to walk you through the process, and make it as easy as possible for you. I am the photographer, that takes you off roading to find a spot that is unlike all the rest! Lets laugh, while making the most exquisite photos.

    Lets make something magical! 


    IMG_2286IMG_2298 IMG_2379 IMG_2377  IMG_2318 IMG_2313 IMG_2481 IMG_2741 IMG_2514 IMG_2545 IMG_2543 IMG_2613 Styled Session by Tawny Raquel Photography  IMG_2260 IMG_2265 IMG_2677 IMG_2646  IMG_2959 IMG_2963 IMG_2968 IMG_2772 IMG_2756  IMG_2856  IMG_2810IMG_2892 IMG_2915 IMG_2944 IMG_2992 IMG_3118  IMG_3129  IMG_3092 IMG_3049 IMG_4966 IMG_4946-2


    Now this was my first real experience at being a coordinator, stylist, and photographer. I've photographed many sessions, weddings, and events; but this was my first time organizing a styled photoshoot with vendors. And let me tell you, It will not be my last. I had such a fun experience setting this up. I had a vision, of something dreamy, edgy, and bohemian. I wanted to show off different styles of bridal looks, as well as bridesmaid looks. Right now, as a whole, I feel the popular trend  is very, natural, bohemian, and rustic. Everyone wants weddings outdoors, which is every photographers dream. Natural light, is truly the best light. So I wanted to capture photos that expressed all of the above.

    I tried to think what was close by to Palm Springs, that will give us this look. Considering it was 110 degrees in Palm Springs, I decided we drive up to Idyllwild, California.

    Before the session, we styled each model. I, tried to come up with a concept that was fitting to each one, and that came natural to them. I scavenged around for weeks to find the perfect outfits for each one of them.

    Once all my models were ready,  we drove up the mountain until it was cool enough, and captured as much as the light would let us.

    Each and every vendor I worked with were so lively, friendly, creative, and so vibrant! I had an amazing and fun time doing this session, and everyone made it so easy.  I was so fortunate to have such amazing talented people on board to bring my vision to life.

    Vendors included:


    Tawny Raquel Photography; coordination, styling and photography:

    JENPLUSCOLOUR; hair stylist

    Vasobelle: an amazing floral shop, I had the privilege of working directly with the owner, Ronn. He is a true artist!

    Nancy Z Beauty; makeup artist

    Basic Invite; stationary, invites and more!







    SARAH & COLEN from Fort Worth, Texas

    jamaica0001 jamaica0122jamaica0003 2 jamaica0004 jamaica0009 jamaica0019 jamaica0029  jamaica0119  jamaica0123 jamaica0128

    This was an amazing destination wedding I had the privilege to cover.  I received an email shortly after I shot a wedding in Mexico:

    Arrived at TENSING PEN

    Sarah & Colen and their friends made me feel wright at home. The day I arrived we went snorkeling, and the day I left I received a beachside message. I absolutely love my job. The day of the wedding was beautiful. It was an amazing story book celebration, and though hot and humid we quickly forgot after starting to shoot in such amazing surroundings.

    jamaica0171jamaica0168 2jamaica0169 2jamaica0166jamaica0165

    The reception went late into the night. The following day we took a trip through Negril to do an After Shoot. With my commercial back ground I had a lot of fun and creative thoughts flowing throughout the shoot. It was a bonus to have the couple let me direct them giving me their complete trust knowing I had amazing images in my mind.

    jamaica0175 2jamaica0194

    Negril is located along the western coast of Jamaica, and hugs the Caribbean Sea. Negril is home to both the famed 7 mile beach and 5 miles of spectacular cliffs known as the West End. Tensing Pen was an amazing little resort for only 100 guests at a time. It's truly a place everyone that has a chance should visit.


    I'm Keoni K (KEONI K PHOTO). I'm a Lifestyle photographer that travels around the world capturing stories like this incredible wedding. I'm based in Nashville, TN. My Lifestyle photography reaches into commercial as well as families and events. I have loved the last 10 years as a professional photographer and look for ward to next 10 and what surprises they will bring.

    jamaica0268jamaica0300jamaica0302  |   |   KEONI K PHOTO/ 615-400-0701   |


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