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  • KRJ Photography


    Hello friends!

    My name is Mellisa Pendleton with KRJ Photography. I work out of a little town in Hickory, North Carolina. I am a wife, a momma to four, and a full time wedding, family, and portrait photographer.  I have to admit, I started out like a lot of photographers. I fell in love with my children and wanted to capture every little detail. I worked as an OBGYN nurse for five years before taking my business full time back in 2012. If you would have told me back then that I'd be where I am today, I would have never believed you. I followed a dream and jumped. I tripped along the way, but wouldn't change one thing about my journey. I've been told that I'm brutally honest ;) and well, I guess I am. I never been shy to show people who I really am. I love hard. I love true. I love relentlessly. I'm the same way with my business. I've put every ounce of who I am into this thing I get to call work. I had this session last year that was just plain magical. This beautiful couple was expecting their first child and I just fell in love with them, their excitement, and their hearts. That's the thing about this work, it means something. You are freezing time for these souls. A moment in time that is fleeting. Never stop remembering that. We are so very lucky.


    One of my all time favorite images i've ever taken.

    2017-02-20_0002 2017-02-20_0003 2017-02-20_0004 2017-02-20_0005 2017-02-20_0006

    There is something so special about clients letting you into their home.

    2017-02-20_0007 2017-02-20_0008 2017-02-20_0009 2017-02-20_0010 2017-02-20_0011 2017-02-20_0012 2017-02-20_0013 2017-02-20_0014

    "If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph" ~ Unknown

    Family, life, moments are everything.

    ~ Mellisa

    COMPANY: KRJ Photography


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  • McCluskey Photography


    Meet Photographer Jennifer McCluskey:

    Hello all!!  My name is Jennifer McCluskey and I am the owner and photographer for McCluskey Photography.  I am one of the photographers in Canton, NY which is waaayy upstate, between the Adirondacks and the Canadian border.  I offer a wide range of photography services in my community, including wedding photography, and business photography including events, real estate, and corporate headshots and groups.  I also love photographing high school seniors and families.  Living in a rural community like I do allows me to grow and learn in many photographic areas.  I love finding gorgeous light, especially those moments where I can add a small pop of flash to stunning natural light in order to make beautiful glowing images.

    I do feel like all of my experience comes together in weddings, from the detail shots, to the beautiful architectural and wild settings of northern New York, to interacting and photographing some very wonderful people.  That is why I have chosen some of my wedding work to show you today.  I enjoy having a casual feel to my photographs, and creatively pulling the beauty of nature into my images.  If you are interested in learning more about my work, you can visit my website ( or check out my Facebook page.

    A Beautiful Fall Wedding in Upstate New York, from Photographer Jennifer McCluskey

    750_1178 750_1408

    Capturing the beautiful moments and the love that a family shares together are some of the reasons that I so enjoy what I do.


    We have some beautiful lakes, rivers, and streams up here in Northern NY, and one of my favorite places is Lampson Falls.  It's a bit of a hike, but worth it for the beautiful scenery and images.

    750_2992 750_3033 750_3177 750_3197


    Thanks for taking a moment of your time to look at my work.  Feel free to get in touch if there's any work that I can do for you.  I love to travel, so no destination is too far!  --Jennifer

    COMPANY: McCluskey Photography


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