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  • Alicia Jennings Photography


    Hello my name is Alicia Jennings, I am a photographer from South Carolina, and have been photographing for 6 years! I decided to do photography since I always was taking pictures of myself, nature, animals, and people. I am still a amateur photographer, but my work has blossomed since my son was born! I even did my own maternity pictures with a little help from my best friend of course! DSC_0003

    I had to take maternity leave in 2015 before my son was born because I had some slight complications. Ever since my son was born I've constantly tried to get good pictures of him since he is very hard to cooperate with, but most of the time I get one good one out of 15 shots!


    I don't really have a favorite session, but doing my son's pictures is by far my favorite sessions! He was born with a rare genetic condition called Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia that affects a lot including internal and his appearance.

    1 monthDSC_0011His hair is brittle and white, it affects his teeth, skin, eyes, ears, throat, and he doesn't have sweat glands, so he doesn't get to go out much during the summer because of the extreme heat. If his body ever overheated he could have a heat stroke due to his temperature being so high. His immune system is also affected and he gets sick very easily, so sometimes we have to sanitize everything!

    DSC_0011 (3)DSC_0005 (4)DSC_0016 (2)Since its so rare I try to get good pictures of my son to use for educational purposes and to send to the National Foundation Of Ectodermal Dysplasia's to use for their newsletters and other educational purposes.

    DSC_0004 (3)DSC_0037DSC_0009 (2)

    Being a young mother with a child with a very rare genetic condition its very hard to work with trying to juggle 10 doctors and 2 therapies a week, so photography is my go to for a little extra cash, but I have such a huge passion for photography. I just call up my friends and say "Lets go take pictures!!!!."

    DSC_0017DSC_0013DSC_00101I love photography, and I will continue to do it for the rest of my life!  I would say my style of photography would be children/lifestyle. You see the beauty in making that forever memory, especially if its sentimental! Enjoy the little things in life, and always remember tomorrow is never promised, so make everyday count!

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  • Winter Inspired Wedding


    So this post will be a little different as I am not a wedding photographer. I am the wedding planner, the one who helps plan all of the details and executes them the day of. I am the person behind the scenes making all the magic happen. Located out of Richmond, Virginia I am the owner of Petals and Lace Events. My passion is taking a bride's vision and turning it into a reality. Making sure the wedding goes smoothly for the couple and that they enjoy themselves as much as possible. I went to school to become a certified wedding planner and have 3 years of experience thus far and am still learning. No wedding is the same and the issues that do arise are never the same. But that is my joy, taking the stress away from the couple so that their wedding day is all about them.

    My winter inspired wedding occurred last year. It was not the normal wedding couple I am used to dealing with. This bride is a wedding photographer herself and her wedding was all about the small details. From the bold and bright  colors and the custom invitations, not one detail was spared. We decided on lanterns in place of bridesmaids bouquets and the final product was amazing! This wedding was one of my favorites because so much thought was put into everything. The venue was absolutely stunning, Estate 1752 could not have been more perfect. The plantation feel to this outdoor wedding was exactly what she had envisioned.  The pinks, blues and gold's all together made for such a memorable experience.

    Wedding planning is my passion. It is what I live for. Keeping my couples happy and their families enjoying the special day. As I enter my 4th year I am looking forward to making this my best year yet! I am looking forward to working with the vendors I have created relationships with and using my experiences to grow as a wedding planner.CarleyJoeyWed-554CarleyJoeyWed-364CarleyJoeyWed-288CarleyJoeyWed-280CarleyJoeyWed-254CarleyJoeyWed-159CarleyJoeyWed-80CarleyJoeyWed-87CarleyJoeyWed-83CarleyJoeyWed-41CarleyJoeyWed-24CarleyJoeyWed-22CarleyJoeyWed-16CarleyJoeyWed-180CarleyJoeyWed-37CarleyJoeyWed-475

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