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  • Livvy Kristin Wedding Photography

    About the Photographer

    When I received my first DSLR camera for my 15th birthday, I thought, "Cool! A new hobby!" Later, when I shot my first wedding at 17 and received a love gift of $50, I thought, "Spare cash? This is great!" Then, I became a go-to for senior portraits at a few local high schools, and I thought, "Maybe I can actually do this as a 'side gig' to supplement income from my 'REAL career." And when, in February of 2017, I received a Facebook message from a woman I'd never met, saying I came highly recommended to photograph her daughter's wedding, I realized I had a chance.

    So, I took that chance. I made a dangerous, naive, irrational decision... or so that's what people told me. I quit my "real" job as a full-time marketing professional, and I started my photography business. Oh, and the woman who messaged me on Facebook in February? This is her daughter.


    Courtney's Bridal Portraits

    My greatest joy in being a full-time photographer has been actually getting to know my gorgeous brides. Now, I have time to meet with them individually, laugh and cry over a cup of coffee, and find out what I can do to make their wedding more memorable and less stressful. I also collaborate with brides on Pinterest to create "wish lists" and see how many of those quirky, nostalgic, and stylized images I can deliver.

    Courtney's "Bridal Portraits" board was full of classic, timeless photos with some rural style thrown in. So, we chose the Chickamauga Battlefield in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, for our location and incorporated poses and ideas that came from the pins she shared.

    Of course, portrait sessions are a lot less hectic than the main event. So, when it comes to the big day, my number one priority is to eliminate stress. Usually, this means wearing a few extra hats, meeting a need when I see it, and being a team player. My photography partner and incredible boyfriend, a fantastic cinematographer and lighting professional, has also been known to keep groomsmen on schedule and herd relatives for family portraits.

    If you want to see photos from Courtney's wedding and more sessions from Livvy Kristin Photography, like us on Facebook or check out our website


  • Tracye's Photography | Jackson TN Wedding Photographer

    Hi! I'm Tracye Pulliam and I want to share a little about me with you today. I am a photographer in Jackson, TN. If you don't know where that is, it's between Nashville and Memphis. I went to photography school at Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts and came back to be close to friends and family as I opened my business in 2001.

    Fast forward to now and I live in Jackson with my husband, Adam, and our two kids Elliot and Adelyn. I enjoy taking family and children's portraits but I specialize in weddings because I LOVE spending this day with people. I love getting to go through the journey of their engagement session and then help them plan the layout of their day so that it will be fun and relaxing. It's great capturing everyone love on them and watch them throughout the day and to save the interaction as they all celebrate together. It's just a wonderful and special thing to get invited into.

    Narrowing down my favorite wedding is an incredibly hard thing for me. There are moments and details about each one that I really like. I have had some of the best couples I could ask for over the past few years and of course the couple makes the wedding. So even though I was asked for my favorite, let's just say this is one of my favorites.

    Meet Jeremy and Lauren. They spoke on the phone randomly through a mutual connection years before meeting. They met years later and then started dating even later. They are a wonderful support to each other. I really enjoyed watching them together as the day went on and how they worked together as a team. They also had a wonderful group of friends.

    The wedding was at Twin Oaks, a historic home in Humboldt, TN. A lot of work has been done to it to restore it and to make it a great venue for couples. It's a gorgeous place for a wedding.


  • Legacy

    Legacy: Where does it begin ?

    Growing up in a middle class, all American family I had it all: A house, clothes, food and loving parents. Sibling rivalry was a thing of the day and seeing who could make it to the bathroom first was a never ending fight! Oh, the days of childhood! I think we can all relate to this in one way or another. Possibly the thought of hitting your sibling on the head with a frying pan maybe once or twice!



    Life always seemed so simple and smooth, but not every day would be the same. When I was 13 I lost my mother to cancer, 7 years later my brother and 6 years ago, this last July, my father . Now I don't speak this with a heart of “please feel an abundance of sympathy for me”, but a simple understanding of where I came from. We all have our past and our futures and what we see and know are always two different things .

     My pain was my perseverance.

    My life took a drastic turn from how I was raised but I moved forward and found something that gave me great passion and joy. It gave a love for myself and life when everything seemed lost and hopeless.

    Portraits, oh the tangled web we weave, with never wanting to be in front of the cameras (mom speaking to you here ,and others.)


    Legacy begins with you !

     Do you know what a legacy is?

    Legacy means everlasting, undying, never ending, forever and always.

    This is why I do what I love and love what I do. My heart skips a beat with the click of my shutter, the soft winds whistling through the hair of my clients and the smiles and tears of the joy each portrait brings. Running through fields, catching the dreams that form with that little spark in the child's eyes . Watching the world fall madly in love with your story shared through a sequence of images collected on my heart as I walk through your journey with you. My passion for this is legacy, my portraits are legacy and my love for your story is legacy.


    All my sessions are filled to the brim with creation , love , passion and color !

    Each session grants me the gift to see the world through my clients eyes.

    Its emotionally, physically, spiritual, and mentally wholesome .

    Each booking is a journey I share in, never knowing just what we will get. I guarantee one thing what we will capture will be nothing less than forever and always .



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