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  • Budget Photographer: SA Photography- Professional Quality You Can Afford!

    Hi, I’m Shannon Alldredge, the one-woman show behind SA Photography. I like to call myself “The Budget Photographer”, because I try my darndest to meet anybody’s budget. I firmly believe everyone deserves beautiful professional-quality photos in their lives. It’s not just about us after all, the generations that come later deserve an accurate, larger-than-life depiction of what we were all like. I want to make that happen for as many people as I can! So, how did I find myself stuck on this train? Well it all started when a certain young man asked me to marry him…

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    I started my photography journey like many others, wanting to take beautiful pictures of my three children. From the very beginning photographs has allowed me to hit life’s “pause button” and cheat time just a little by freezing those special moments. It took me a few years to find my style and then to figure out how to consistently create the natural images that really speak to me. I truly believe in what some people call “the creative gap” when it comes to photography. This term describes what we as photographers want our work to look like and what we actually create. 

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  • Katelynn Marie Photography | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

    Ever since I was little, I was always drawn to photography. I would borrow my grandparents camera and take pictures of anything and everything. Now, this small "hobby" is my ultimate passion. I love getting to photograph genuine moments as well as getting to work with some amazing businesses (like Basic Invite)! I often photograph seniors, weddings, and families. A wedding is always so fun to photograph because of all the dreamy colors and lively people.

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