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  • For the Hopeless Romantic

    Hey there! I'm Rachel, a wedding and portrait photographer and a hopeless romantic drawn to the art of storytelling through soulful words and timeless imagery. I’m a believer, an aspiring renaissance woman (if that’s a thing), and a lover of history, travel, and adventure. Born and raised a small town girl who loves the quiet places between towns, where the stars shine brighter and you only hear the waves crashing or the wind through the mountains; But I am also a woman who fell in love with the excitement of new places and so I left home to embark on this journey. My passion is creating a love that never dies and cultivating a marriage that is just as amazing after 50 years as it is the day you say "I do".

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  • Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: A Dream Photoshoot

    I can still remember the first day rolling up to the Inca Trail entry point with a grin from ear to ear. I was cramped in a bus full of hikers and guides, bouncing off our seats with every twist and turn of the worn down rural-road. As we arrived I remember tossing my 30 lb. bag over my back and nearly sprinting off the bus with excitement with my Sony A7s II in my right hand and my Canon 5d Mark III in my left. I was quite literally watching my dreams unfold before me and it couldn't have been more obvious to all the hikers, I was smiling like a kid on Christmas. I couldn't believe that I was actually getting paid to hike Machu Picchu because I had grown up my whole life believing money had to be earned through hard work but nobody told me hard work could be so fun. I recall taking my first few steps and then pausing to take it all in, "I'm hiking to Machu Picchu and getting paid to do so, I've truly found my calling as a photographer and filmmaker."

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  • Kelly Scott Photography- Secluded Farm Wedding

    Hello!  My name is Kelly Scott.  I currently live in Columbus, OH and started my photography business a few years ago.  I don’t have a certain type of photography I do most often, but I love to shoot weddings and families!  Growing up, I was always the one who was behind the camera taking pictures of my friends and family.  It was in college that I discovered that I might have an eye for this. I went on a trip to Italy and when I came back I submitted a photograph to the school magazine. When they published it I thought that not only could photography be a hobby of mine, but could actually turn this into a career.

    This couple asked me to photograph both their engagement and wedding.  They wanted a place to take engagement photos where they could include their dog, which was so adorable!  Especially with couples, I like to take photos of places they are familiar with and that have meaning to them.

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