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Vintage and Glamorous

Hello! I am so excited to have you here, reading this blog post.

My name is Brittney and I am the heart and soul behind BBP (Brittney Blystone Photography.) I fell in love with photography when I was in high school and have been shooting since. My most favorite subjects to capture are couples and maternity clients! I love love and capturing those special moments in your life is so rewarding to me. For example, the couple you see have been married for 1 year! (YAY!!) And Nicole asked me to do a one year wedding anniversary shoot for them, so of course I said yes!


They showed up at The Old Sheldon Church Ruins in their wedding attire and I could have died a happy girl right then and there! It was the perfect mix of vintage and glamorous. The whole time we were shooting I kept saying how much I wanted her gown! We laughed so much that by the end of the shoot all of our cheeks were hurting and we could barely talk anymore.


I love to capture couples in their natural element, so instead of saying "okay, let's hold hands and look at me and smile." I say something along the lines of "alright y'all, I want you to walk from here to there, look at each other and then me, and just walk over me if you have to!" Keeping you relaxed is what I strive for. I want to deliver natural images to you every single time. So I will photograph you two just playing and interacting with one another. If you are total goofs and give each other piggy back rides, I will capture that, if sitting in bed reading is what you like, I will capture that as well. I want to get you in your comfort zone so you can look back at these times and think, "I really love these candid photos, I forgot all about this book!"  And then you go find that book and start reading it again, because you love all of the memories that come along with it.DSC_0256

Capturing your beautiful life is what makes me happy. It is my passion and I am so thankful to be able to follow my dreams and photograph such amazing people along the way!

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