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  • Indiana Engagement Session | Bailey Warren Photography

    I’ve been asked the same question many times during the six years that I’ve been a professional photographer. “What was your favorite session?” For me, it’s always been difficult to narrow down a particular favorite. Every session has had its rewarding moments with different types of people, all with unique stories to tell. It's much easier to narrow down the types of sessions that are my favorite.

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  • Joseph B Wright Photography | 4 reasons book an engagement shoot!

    How's that for unsolicited advice? But there are good reasons why you will want to not overlook the engagement shoot into your wedding package. Here are 4:

    1. You are more relaxed

      Let's face it. Most people find taking photos to be an awkward event. I'd say that about 15% of subjects feel comfortable with someone taking professional photos of them. Now, by the end of your engagement session, I'd say that number moves to 95%*. Going into your wedding day confident with having your photo taken is huge. You've got enough on your mind, right? *(assuming you had a good experience :)

    2. You get to know your photographer

      I hope your photographer is a stranger. That is, I hope you don't burden your family or friends with the stressful task of taking your wedding photos, but that's a whole 'nuther blog post. But, I can see the appeal. There is a level of intimacy that takes place when you have someone photograph your wedding. You really don't want a complete stranger doing it either. An engagement shoot lets you get to know your photographer before the big day. You may love their website and photos but if you end up not liking the person, you may want to use someone else. Better to find out moths before the big day.

      3. You might end up liking your engagement photos better

      I don't have a scientific poll to prove it, just anecdotal evidence. But I wouldn't be surprised if 30 to 40 percent of married couples end up displaying photos from their engagement shoot over their wedding photos. Why? I have no idea. They do tend to be more 'fun loving' than a lot of wedding photos.

      4. Engagement shoots are fun.

      After the initial awkwardness of having your photo taken wears off, it actually becomes fun! It's like going on a hike with less sweat. I do take my couples to natural areas a lot. They end up discovering a part of Los Angeles they have never seen before. It creates a memory they will always have should they return to explore the area later in life. Maybe someday with kids in tow. Which brings me to reason 4.5. It may be the last time you have a shoot of just the two of you outside of your wedding day.

      I know planning for a wedding is stressful and time becomes precious. But do yourself a favor and don't skip the engagement shoot. You need those moments to get away and have a little fun leading up to your big day.


  • Burnseye Photography | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

    As early as I can remember, my father always had a camera with him when we as family left the house. His birthday and Christmas gifts were entirely or complimented with rolls of film. It wasn’t long before I had the same fascination with capturing moments in time through photography.

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