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  • Real life is big, messy and beautiful

    Look familiar? The family portraits of days when everything was film and you were truly on your best behavior because you didn't know what you were getting for at least 2-4 weeks. Mix in the unpredictability of children and you just assumed that you would have to at least spend money on two sessions to make sure you get everyone smiling. I remember when I was little we would always go to JcPenny's or Sears or somewhere to get family pictures done. Everyone looked beautiful, we would have a grey or light blue background.  We always wished for two things during those half hour sessions, no blinking (even if we looked like creepy dolls) and that the pictures were good enough that Mom wouldn't make us go back.

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  • Story of Family: Beautiful and Real - Maija Martin Photography - Chicago, IL Photographer

    Hello there! My name is Maija. (It's pronounced My-a. Many people have that same question.) That's a photo of me on the right at age six. My very first camera is hanging around my neck. Maybe you owned a similar one, if you are also a child of the 80s? I chose to begin with this photo, because it is a piece of my story.

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  • Seniors | Trio Photography and Design | Indiana photographer

    Hi, I'm April!  I am the owner and photographer at Trio Photography and Design in central Indiana.  I love working with seniors, but I have a lot of parents ask, why do I need to hire another photographer? Why can't we just have the one that takes the year book pictures take them? Here is what I tell them: I know seniors. I adore them. I strive every single day to capture my senior photography clients being exactly who they are. Goofy, slick, studied, athletic, stylish, bookish, outdoorsy. I get it all, and, as a result, my seniors get portraits they absolutely adore.

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