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  • Scheduling a Styled Shoot

    You've got your vision -- now what? Scheduling a styled shoot doesn't have to be a big hairy mess. Follow these simple steps and you'll have vendors knocking at your door to work with you!

    First thing's first: draft a letter. Within this, you're going to state your vision for the shoot, what 'vibe' you're going for, and what you plan to do with the photos after the shoot is finished. A mutually beneficial plan for everyone is what is going to get you the most "yes's". Let the photographer you choose know that you'll be submitting your images to blog sites geared specifically towards your industry (events, weddings, etc.) as well as utilizing all of your social media to tag and give credit. These are the kind of details that make a styled shoot a win-win situation for all involved. Everyone contributes a little bit, and everyone gets mass recognition when final images are shared.

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  • In-home Newborn Session | Blush and Blink Photography

    A week ago if you would have asked me what my favorite type of session was, newborns would fall near the bottom of the list. Newborn sessions are so unpredictable and can feel like a lot of pressure to make perfect images for new beaming parents. As I tried out posed newborn sessions with props and wraps and headbands, it just didn't speak to my heart. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing newborn photographers that are able to wrap and pose those tiny humans and create incredible art. I just found that it wasn't for me. Then I looked into in-home newborn sessions and fell in love!

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  • Karla Photography

    My name is Karla, I was born & raised in the city of New Orleans. I am a fine art photographer who loves real expression and emotion. My photography journey started about 8 years ago, I remember growing up I was always around cameras, my father would bring his camera everywhere we went, he always documented everything in my life while growing up. I clearly remember the day he brought me to the store and surprised me my first camera a Sony cybershot. I instantly fell in love, it was exciting having something of my own, I'll never forget that feeling. Photography to me, started out very innocent, taking pictures of my close friends and family, I never knew it would develop in to something much deeper.
    As the years passed, I always found new ways to progress in quality and growth, I now specialize in fine art photography, I've always struggled finding my photography style, but thankfully I've met so many international photographers and have had the opportunity to interact with them and learn so much. I am very intrigued with fine art photography, I love the process of having a natural session where everything just flows easily and it becomes more like documenting then just doing something forced. My goal in photography is to always have fun, laugh & be genuine. Photography has changed my perspective on how I view my life, I make sure I appreciate time with my family and close friends and capture my personal moments as well. I feel really grateful to meet so many amazing people and be a part of their stories, and expand my talent with people across the world! I believe everyone has their own form of beauty and individuality, I always look forward in capturing that in each person.


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