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  • Seth Burkey Photography


    Hello, my name is Seth and I am a self-taught photographer who still learns every day. It has been my passion for the past 10 years. Here is a little blurb about one couple that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know.

    Seth Burkey PhotographySeth Burkey Photography Seth Burkey Photography

    It was a couple of hours before Nikki and Tim were arriving for their engagement shoot and I got a wild idea…waders, I must get a pair of waders. We were going to take pictures at a small lake outside of town and I wanted to have a pair to try a couple photo ideas.

    Seth Burkey PhotographySeth Burkey Photography

    As we were driving out to the lake, Nikki seemed a little concerned about where we were going and if there in fact was a lake. It never really crossed my mind that they got into a car with a complete stranger, that they only talked to via Skype, and were now headed out to the middle of nowhere. I promptly assured them that I wasn’t going to leave them out there and made a joke about the waders and a ‘Dead End’ sign we just passed; this seemed to help them relax. Laughter is the best tension reliever and I try to use it during all of my sessions.

    Seth Burkey Photography

    First off at the lake, we headed out to this pasture area that had great prairie grass. It provided a great backdrop and "country" setting that they were looking for. Walking along the path, dodging landmines (cow pies), we came to the start of a little hill where the path seemed to float off into the sky. I had them sit down on this picnic blanket and they were just so natural all I had to do was point and shoot; it was really fun!

    Seth Burkey Photography

    One of the pictures took a little longer than expected. It involved them laying on their backs while I tried to align the shot without using the viewfinder. This definitely gave us all something to laugh about. Nikki and Tim were great sports and they didn’t fall asleep on me so that was good.

    Seth Burkey Photography Seth Burkey PhotographySeth Burkey Photography

    The sun was starting to fall so we needed to get the waders out and head to the lake. While I got ready Nikki and Tim walked out on the dock. I slowly walk down the boat ramp and into the water pretending not to be scared; the things we do to get the shot. Wide angle lens on, water above my waist, great color in the sky and grand subjects, it was awesome!

    Seth Burkey PhotographySeth Burkey Photography Seth Burkey Photography

    Nikki and Tim’s engagement session was so much fun that I could not wait for their wedding! A couple weeks before the wedding they contacted me for baby announcement picture ideas. We had fun going over the ideas and the pictures were a joy to take.

    Seth Burkey PhotographySeth Burkey Photography

    There were a few hiccups, as there always are, but we conquered them and the day ended up magnificent. To keep this short, I greatly enjoyed getting to know Nikki, Tim and their families. I feel honored to have been chosen to capture their memories! Also, thanks for letting me steal you from your reception to get some great night photos!

    Seth Burkey PhotographySeth Burkey PhotographySeth Burkey Photography Seth Burkey PhotographySeth Burkey Photography

    It would be my pleasure to connect with you!

    Seth Burkey Photography

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  • Bree Lea Photography


    MT_255Bree Lea Photography; traveling, organic photography based in Columbus Ohio. Hand crafted images with a editorial feel. 

    BREE LEA PHOTOGRAPY, OHIO FALL  My years in the photojournalism field combined with my Art and Visual Communication Degrees gives my photography a styled look while still keeping the integrity of the moments at hand.

    The photos throughout this blog are from two of my shoots that I took in late Fall in Ohio, the week where the colors of the leaves were at peak colors.


    When I approach a shoot, there's a lot going on for me. It's not about just creating photos, it's about creating an image where you can feel something, the feelings of my models, or couples or perhaps even my own feelings. To me photography is the way I express myself and when I partner with a client I'm making art for them.



    My journey with photography has been an interesting one. I started as a little girl taking my camera to 4H instead of an animal in a town of nothing but farm kids. I was the odd one out and at a early age I discovered the art of making photos.




    I then decided to go into higher education where I studied all forms of photography, commercial, digital, darkroom. There's nothing like the experience of working in the darkroom. Society has gotten so used the ease of photography where you point, you press and boom there it is, delete, try again.. But when you work with film you have no idea what you have until you process it. You learn to trust your gut and really know a situation and your camera. You learn patience.

    SA_126 SA_80



    Fast forward to now and I have my own Wedding business. I love seeing people in love and photographing those feelings. It's beautiful to meet someone for the first time for their engagement session and to be invited in documenting their journey, and most times it's the first time that the couple has been photographed.




    When I book a wedding, I'm not just booking a wedding, I'm making a year long commitment to a bride. We get to know each other by emailing back and forth throughout the year before the wedding. Sometimes I work very closely with her to design her engagement session all the way down to the schedule of her wedding day so by the time the wedding rolls around I'm not a stranger, i'm somewhat of a friend and your wedding backup for the day.



    Currently I'm obsessed with incorporating nature heavily into my shoots. I'm very into discovering the earthy tones and working them into the pieces. I don't use non natural lights either so i'm always playing off the natural shadows and sunlight; keeping the moments real and natural.



    COMPANY: Bree Lea Photography


    SOCIAL: Facebook


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