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  • Ideology Photography

    Eight years ago I followed my dream of being a photographer and created Ideology Photography. I specialize in photographing elopements, weddings, and love stories, chasing nature and the perfect lighting is my life. I like people that forget their head and listen to their heart. I’m very passionate about traveling, meeting new people and different cultures, and most of all, passionate for capturing weddings that challenge the rules and go far beyond of what is established. I truly believe that weddings should be the celebration of two people in love and nothing more. My goal is to compose images that will treasure the greatest adventure of your life.

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  • Kristen Carlson Photography | Swanson Engagement Session

    I have always had a passion for photography. From the capturing of a moment to the displaying of a picture, the process has always been an interest of mine. It wasn't until I had children that the fire became ignited. I wanted to capture special moments like birthdays and all of the baby firsts but I also wanted to capture the mundane and every day moments. From this my passion continued to grow and I wanted to be able to capture moments for others to treasure.

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  • Stephanie West Photography - More than just a photographer

    Oh, hey! I’m Stephanie from Stephanie West Photography. I live in the Lancaster, Ohio area but I serve Columbus as well. And let me tell you, I am way more than just a wedding photographer. When couples come to me, they are wide-eyed and sometimes nervous, which is silly. I’m harmless, really! But I often forget that while this is my forty-something-ish wedding, this is most often their first. I’ve done many weddings and they have never done one… and some people have never even been a guest at a wedding!

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