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Romantic Anniversary Shoot at the Sand Dunes

Guys!? Have you been to the Sand Dunes?? It is about a 4 hour drive from Denver and one of my husband's absolute favorite spots. He went there with his family growing up. He went there with is best guy friends. And last year he took me for my first time. It's really unreal how big they are!

I was surprised at how much fun it is to romp around and play in the water. You immediately feel like a kid again (note - we brought a snow sled thinking we could sand sled down the dunes with it, but you really have to buy the special sand boards. It's like $20 a day! But I mean, I think it's worth it).

As a photographer I knew it would be a dream to do a shoot while we were there. I have been a photographer for six years and some of my favorite shoots are the spontaneous, just for fun shoots. Our friends Mark and Chelsea got married one month after my husband and I and go to our church. I asked if they would be interested in doing a mini anniversary shoot on the dunes and they were more than excited! I timed out when I THOUGHT the sun would be just right for some sweet shadows but, of course,  you can't control the weather (I actually have a TATTOO of a weather vane to remind me of this). We started our trek further into the dunes, and it started to rain - and....I actually loved it. Everything I have seen from the Dunes had looked bright and sunny and the rain brought on a completely different feel. I love being creative with madly in love couples. And taking advantage of living in the gorgeous state of Colorado.

Of course shooting weddings, especially in the mountains, is a dream. But I love the idea of adventure engagement sessions or anniversary sessions and I can't wait for my next one. If you are considering doing one, pick a sweet location, find the right photographer. Make a trip out of it! You wont regret it.

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