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Photography With a Passion

Hey everyone my name is Camron Thomasson, owner of CT Photography in Tyler, Texas. 7 years ago my passion for photography started. I was on a church camp trip to Tennessee. We all were on a mountain top worshiping and watching the sunset go down. I got up, got my camera that I had for the trip, and did a wide shot of the group along with the sunset. I fell in love with what I just created. I fell in love all because of the emotion and beauty unfolding in front of me.

Groom and his grandmother's dance

I spent 3 years dedicated to learning the art of photography. Practicing, free shoots, hours and hours researching and youtube videos. The year 2013 I felt that I should get out and go shoot, at this time i mainly shot models and stuff, but in 2016 that changed. My mothers friend asked me to photograph their backyard wedding. That's when I fell in love with weddings, because i realized that there is nothing like capturing the purest emotions you will see during weddings. I fell in love with it so much, where its all I ever thinked about, and wanted to do. Few months later, my sister asked me to do her wedding, as her brother I did not want to, but I did it anyway. Her wedding was at a very beautiful rustic venue. I was so scared because this was my first real wedding at a venue. The results were stunning, the emotion I captured blew my mind as well my sister and everyone else. The passion grew so much and the drive to capture emotion became a priority. A month later, a fellow friend of mine, a successful wedding photographer, asked me if I wanted to second shoot for him. From a three month time frame I shot at least 13 weddings with him, high end weddings. This was such a blessing to me because I got so much experience and practice as well as doing some weddings on my own.  While doing all these weddings, my passion and drive grew even more. My passion for weddings shows in the photos I take. I have seen families in tears because the moments I captured meant so much to them, even the father of the bride in tears. This has meant so much to me.

Now in 2017, I'm all on my own, I photograph weddings, engagements, seniors and more. Capturing the purest form of love, and emotions. I still can't believe that I got to where I am now. I have always been a hard worker, striving to never give up, but for 7 years I knew what I wanted to do and went for it. My dreams won't die now. My goals, dreams, and learning will never end.

I feel that my photographic style is me, the way I see things and create is just from my heart. I can't wait to see myself in the following years. I'm still the new guy in the wedding world, but at least I'm happy with what I do for people. I stand out from the competition and create images that mean the most for who I capture memories for.

For everyone reading this blog, never give up, never stop learning, and go after your dreams.

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