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3 Cute Pumpkin Crafts For a Thanksgiving Wedding

With Thanksgiving just a few days away all of us at Basic Invite want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. To do so we thought it would be appropriate to share some of our favorite holiday craft ideas to make any Thanksgiving or fall a wedding just a little more festive.

#1 Pumpkin Lantern

Wedding Pumpkin

This is a super cute idea that and a great way to welcome your guests to the event. I know you are saying everyone knows how to carve a pumpkin but these pumpkins were carved with a drill making surprise easy and quick to make. See just how easy it is to do with this step-by-step tutorial.

 #2 Pumpkin Drink Cooler

Pumpkin Drink

Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a really cute way to even keep your drinks cold. This unique drink cooler is quick and easy to make and can be duplicated as many times as you need in order to accommodate even the biggest of weddings.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for creating your own.

 #3 Bride and Groom Pumpkin Photo Collage


A pumpkin collage would make a fantastic centerpiece for each table at the wedding. In this example it is done with all baby pictures but why not tell the story of how you meet wrapped around a pumpkin for all your guests to see. This idea takes a little bit of planning a head but if it is done right could be a showstopper.

Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial to make creating your own masterpiece a little quicker.

We hope these ideas help and we wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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