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Goldie and Christine - Featured Photographer

I bought my first real camera when I started traveling. I grew up with plans to take as many plane rides as possible. I loved going to new places, meeting new people and doing things I had never done before. It was through lots of traveling that I developed a lifestyle approach to my photography. When my hobby of photography lead me to photographing a wedding, I instantly fell in love. From each tiny detail to the crazy dance moves at the end of the night, I was absorbed in the love story unfolding in my photographs.


Goldie & Christine Photography was born when two friends decided to take on a couple's story together.

Our approach is simple, we are storytellers who write picture books. We concentrate on what makes each love story unique.

Whether it's two peoples' shared love for bookstores, coffee shops, horses or just picnicking out side a vintage camper, our photos end up completely unique and it's all because we pay attention to these little characteristics that make up a couple's story.


We've grown since we started and have built up a team of four photographers. We all love to travel, and go to new places with our clients. I think that's part of what makes us so successful as photographers. We love every opportunity we get to spend time with our clients. Our engagement sessions are casual, laid back and are known for losing track of time. We just have fun, and our clients do too.


Our weddings are captured with a storyteller's heart. We capture the imperfections and the in-between moments. We think the seconds just before you walk down the aisle are just as important as the first kiss.

Our clients love that our photography team focuses on the candid moments. Nothing posed, nothing set-up or edited in later. Just real people, real feelings and real moments captured. That's what it's all about right?


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