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Sunrise Engagement Shoot {Santa Monica, CA}

Hello and my name is Ballad representing Ballad Hall Photography.  I am a freelance photographer based out of the Central Coast of California.  My business is coming on the ten year mark now. It's a blessing beyond measure to do what I love for a living.  This business runs solely on word of mouth and referrals as relationships are top priority in my book.  I want my clients to have the best experience they could imagine with their photographer. Photos should help a couple to reminisce about the fun they have together when they look at them.

This morning engagement shoot in Santa Monica, CA I believe is an example of who I represent as a clientele and business.  There is fun, laughter, some romance, and a beautiful backdrop to a place that has meaning to the couple.

It was an incredibly early morning so a cup of joe was a must!  We met downtown at a gorgeous new hotel directly across the street from some lovely overhead lighting.  When the sun was still waiting to come up, the two of them went to the middle of the crosswalk that is normally incredibly busy.  This time of hour, however, we were almost alone.  It was so neat to see such a congested area of town so beautiful and bare.

Andy, the future groom, had a detailed and ambitious itinerary on locations that had meaning between the two of them.  You will recognize spots like the Santa Monica Pier, 13th Street Promenade, and the downtown mall.  There were too many amazing spots along the way to stop that we thought running and biking would be a better choice than a cab.  Even though we were sweating by the end, we still had a blast!

There were so many fun ideas they had put together for locations that my job was really to showcase what an amazing couple they are.  I do have a long list of ridiculously cheesy jokes, but these two needed very little coaxing into laughing and smiling.  Their joy is infectious. Shoots like this and many others make me so thankful for having a glimpse into their love story.

~Ballad Hall

Downtown Santa Monica Engagement shoot.

Santa Monica Beach Engagement Shoot.

Santa Monica Beach Lifeguard Tower.

Santa Monica Beach Engagement Shoot.


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