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Forever Kareart's heart is to give clients a high-quality, creative experience and images that they'll love! Hi, my name is Karea and I'm the Owner/Photographer of Forever Kareart, based in one of the greatest places on Earth---Richmond, Virginia! When I was little, my father introduced me to a camera. These days, I have a hard time wanting to put the camera down. I started Forever Kareart in 2013 and had no idea this journey would take me to where I am today. I've since met some wonderful people and have photographed in various parts of Virginia, as well as destination weddings in Jamaica, Atlanta, Florida, and Maryland. One of my more recent weddings was photographed at The Barns at Timberneck, in Surry Co. Virginia. The venue is beautiful and you must check it out when you have the time! Sabrina, a wonderful friend and photographer, assisted me with the shoot.

Paul (The Groom) is a college baseball coach and Jordan (The Bride) is a grade school teacher. Their love showed that if you're going to go into the "game," (marriage) you go in thinking as a winner.


You should not just play to win but play because of the love. These two won with a perfect score. I was very much looking forward to photographing Paul and Jordan. Prior to their wedding, I had never been to the venue. The venue had so much charm y'all and there were so many beautiful sights and meaningful pieces that adorned the walls, tables and more! The ceremony took place, outdoors, in the morning. The reception was held in the barn next to the ceremony space. The day was full of anticipation, laughter, tears, family, friends and delicious food! You know the saying --- "A happy couple and a full photographer makes good pictures." Before a picture is ever really taken, I love to sit down with my clients (particularly over hazelnut coffee) to get to know who they are as they get to know me. I also want to know what inspires them, what makes them tick, what they don't like and what they look forward to in the future. The details of who a person is, the person's thoughts and beliefs is what I want to convey. Even after the I Do's are said and done, I still want to capture their life and be their life-long photographer. When I met Paul and Jordan, they drove two hours to meet me. I was honored that they came all of that way to meet me and to be their photographer. Paul and Jordan wanted to tell the story of their day in a classic and candid way with creativity mixed all in. Every wedding I photograph is unique and has many intricate details. I don't love one wedding or couple more than the other---I love em' all the same. When it comes to this particular wedding, a few of the personal touches I loved included: Jordan's custom earrings that were a tribute to her late grandfather, the Edelbrand that was served to guests for the toast and the sneakers the groom changed into later in the evening. While uniqueness is a challenge, here's a thrill in problem solving efficiently and effectively. One task I had, was working with and around the harsh lighting of the daylight. I believe it all worked out and more. See for yourself!

I'm glad that I was able to help another couple creatively. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed everything! Contact me at for your upcoming wedding and more <3

Thanks Paul & Jordan, again!


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