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Sacramento Wedding Photography

My wife and I started Capture.Create Photography & Media a few years ago in Sonoma County when we realized that the passion we felt for events and photography was something that we wanted to share! We now focus on Sacramento wedding photography, but love traveling back and forth to the wine county for Sonoma County wedding photography as well!

We strive to capture the entire day, full of all the fun candid moments and the small details that are often overlooked by so many professionals. To us, the best part about our job is catching the unexpected and heartfelt moments that come out of each wedding day, and sharing those with our bride and groom to hold on to long after their day has wrapped up.


This classically sweet wedding was a story out of a 1950's dream, taking place in gorgeous Sonoma County. The day started out with the bride putting on her beautiful authentic lace gown, diamond earrings, and accessories. The bridal party was then picked up by a pink vintage Cadillac and swept away to the venue.


From the soft delicate pink peonies in her bouquet, to the chic gray suits the groomsmen wore, this day took us back to a glamorous wedding that we don't often see anymore.


The true love that came pouring out from the bride and groom was something that really made this day shine. When the two of them met for the first look it was so abundantly clear that they were meant to be simply from their embrace, adoring looks, and laughter!

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What makes shooting these weddings so fun is the fact that we get to hang out with such light-hearted families all day long, we are in the presence of pure beauty and creativity, and at the end of the day we get to call it "work."sonoma-county-wedding-photography

I think living for something that is so inspiring and worthwhile is the best way to spend my career, and I am so blessed to have a loving wife who not only understands that, but understands the passion and creativity that goes into making these days so special. We want nothing more than to embrace every loving, laughing, and quirky event that come along, and cannot wait for what the future holds!


We love creating great memories purely from the true candid events of the day for the families to cherish for years to come, thats what makes Capture.Create Photography who we are.

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