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Megan Gery Photography

I'd Like to introduce myself and thank you all for taking the time to read about me and my work. My name is Megan Gery. I am a professional family photographer based out of Danville, California. I specialize in natural light photography. I truly love capturing natural sun flares in my work. There is just something so peaceful about seeing the sun rays run through an image, it's like capturing a piece of heaven on film. My goal is to take candid, authentic, genuine, and timeless memories for my clients. What is most rewarding is hearing that I've brought joy to my clients hearts and tears to their eyes. That's when I feel like I have accomplished everything.

From a very young age, I've always loved photography. Little did I know my passion would one day by my job. I feel very blessed that I stumbled upon this amazing journey.  For me, photography is very emotional and not mechanical. I can take an image and with one glance know exactly what direction I want to go with it.

I decided to share a year long milestone package of a family that is very near and dear to my heart. The Bartley's are one of my favorite families to date. Over the past year, I have documented a gorgeous growing belly, a beautiful newborn baby girl, a 6 month milestone, and a one year birthday. During our time together I have captured their immense love for one another and their child. It's the most amazing feeling having a small part in someone else's family and building life long friendships.

My self-motivation is to become a better photographer than I am today and create better images tomorrow. Life is a lesson and there is always something new to learn. At the end of every day, I kiss my husband, my two beautiful children goodnight and soak up the quiet stillness in the air, if only for a moment. I thank God I was placed on this earth to be doing exactly what I was meant to do. My path of direction couldn't have been put before me more perfectly, and I am genuinely grateful.

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