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Hi all! My name is Natalie & I specialize in newborn & baby photography. How amazing is that?! I've always loved babies, so it's only natural for me to love capturing them while they are so brand new. My style is very simple, pure, & natural. I love to incorporate natural elements into my sessions, and stick with a very clean, & organic color palette.

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I shoot from my in home studio, in Torrance, CA. My sessions always revolve around all of my nurture newborns, & their comfort. I aim to capture every baby's personality-- even though they are less than a week old, they all have unique quirks. I want to make sure I capture them, so that years down the line, mamas are taken back to this precious & fleeting moment. The first couple of months after having a baby can seem so hazy when looking back. That is why I always encourage parents to take as many pictures as they can. What better way to relive such an amazing chapter in their lives, than to have that moment captured & in the books for generations to come?

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I'm a lover of capturing babies in their purest states, & a believer that beauty lies in simplicity.  All of my sessions take place on white & cream backdrops. I feel that this way, it really lets my babies shine.  When I think of a newborn, I think of pure & delicate-- that is why I strive to convey that in my images. Luckily, my clients all decide to book me for my style. It is such an honor that families trust me with such an important task. I try to make things as easy as possible for them during my sessions! I always joke around that their sessions is basically 4 hours of babysitting (minus the feedings,) so that they can relax, & 9 times out of ten, dad's always fall asleep on the couch!

I style every session, and provide headbands & outfits, so that it is one less thing for parents to worry about. All they need to bring is their diaper bag, & their baby! I aim to make this process as simple & relaxing for my parents as I can.

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Before each session, I send my parents a Session Prep guide, which instructs them on details such as what siblings & parents should wear, & some tips on how to ensure a sleepy baby. If there is one piece of advice that I can give to parents who are looking for a newborn photographer, it is to find one who's style you absolutely love. That is the beauty in this profession. We all have our unique styles, which is what makes us different. Once you find a photographer that is perfect for you, book them before your baby is due! It totally bums me out when a client wants to book a newborn session for the next week & I am already booked. I always try to shift my schedule around, but sometimes I am unable to fit someone in, in such short notice. Plus, it's one less thing you need to worry about once baby arrives!

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Thank you for joining me in this journey, I have big dreams & visions for this little business of mine. If you would like to follow me, & keep up with my work, feel free to stop by & say hi on Instagram, or Facebook! If you'd like to get ahold of me with any questions, or comments please do so on my website under the "Contact Me" tab. See you there! :)



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