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Kailey Rae Photography

Hello! My name Kailey Van Brocklin and I am the sole owner of Kailey Rae Photography. If you like images that are described as candid, emotional, playful, crisp and clean, then I am your girl! I specialize in wedding photography and absolutely love what I do! I am based in the Salt Lake City area and love to travel anywhere and everywhere.

I have been a professional photographer for about 3 years now and I am still learning and growing. I started with a camera I got for high school graduation and went from there. I would shoot every day and shoot whatever was in front of me. My roommates were often my subjects :). Practicing really helped me find a sense of style. I developed skills and decided to pursue a photography business full time.

I love making real connections with my clients and bringing out their personalities in my portraits. My photography evokes feelings of genuine love and affection. I guarantee images that will tell a story and help one remember the special moments in their lives. I have had clients who ended up being great friends. I have also made many friends within the industry. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that photography has provided me.

I love natural light images. The sun is a creative tool that I can use to really create an artistic image. Lighting is everything. I love the outdoors and the scenery that my area has to offer.

It is definitely difficult to try and narrow down a favorite session. I don’t think I will ever have one, but this is a recent session that I have fallen in love with. With such dreary days in the winter, I was beyond happy the sun decided to come out and play. The light was dreamy along with my couple! Their chemistry was unstoppable and I could have shot for hours!

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