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Have Your Moment... | Lexington, Kentucky Family Photographer

I've been taking pictures for a long time but Capture the Vision didn't start immediately. It's odd how I got my start and I'll share it with you. It's simple: I was sitting in front of my television and after seeing the news show a young boy's picture, I thought to myself, "If I died, would my family have enough pictures of me." Pretty strange, huh? So from there, I began buying disposable cameras. Hey, I'm not that old but this was during the rise of digital the consumer-model digital camera. At the time, digital cameras weren’t convenient enough for me. I digress... So I took my disposable cameras to (high) school with me and began picture taking. It slowly dawned on me that I actually liked taking pictures. And it wasn't that I enjoyed taking pictures of myself, but that I really enjoyed taking pictures of other people. A photographer was born.

In college I "inherited" my first DSLR camera (that's fancy talk for big black camera that the pros use). Unfortunately, my uncle passed away in 2009 and since he didn't have a wife nor children, my mother (his older sister) became the owner of all his photography equipment. I found my first pro-camera and took it back to school with me. All through college, I was the photographer who saved many memories of my college colleagues. You're welcome KYSU grads!

Ralph and Jitana holding each other surrounded by a bed of flowers, Capture the VisionRyan and Reagan looking at each other smiling and laughing, Capture the Vision

After graduation, like most graduates, I was hired at my dream job...SIKE! I landed a job as a cashier at Sam's club--the American Dream at it's finest, right? During my short time there, my store hosted an employee appreciation bowling party. Before I left home to be on my way, I grabbed my camera to take some pictures of the fun. Why not, right? Fast forward to the next day, I brought the memory card back to work, and got the pictures developed in our photo lab. I set the copies on the supervisor's desk (which is in the middle of the front part of the store behind the cashiers, aka very accessible) so that my co-workers could see them. Unbeknownst to me, two of my supervisors were professional photographers. They called me to their desk and said that I should consider doing this for money. For some reason, I never thought to do that. I just enjoyed taking pictures and saving special memories for people. Thankfully, one of them asked me to come along with her to take pictures of a birthday party. I agreed and went. It was a hit! She was thoroughly impressed with my work ethic as well as the pictures and we had a lot of fun. I made my first $80.

We then started entertaining the idea of working together as partners but family life got in the way. She was practically married and had three children so she was really busy. So I began to fly on my own.

Ryan surrounded by a bed of flowers, Capture the Vision

Up in my room, I began brainstorming business names. If it hadn't been for my mother, my business would have been called Shoot the Vision. She looked over my shoulder as I told her my idea. Then she said, "What about Capture the Vision." She might as well have dropped the mic and left. I loved it. Capture the Vision is born. A friendly Lexington, Kentucky family photographer is now here to take your family portraits.

Reagan surrounded by a bed of flowers with her arms crossed but she's smiling. Capture the Vision

If I could take you back to the beginning of this post, for just a moment, I'd like to highlight why I do what I do. It is today what it was back then. I want to be the one to give clients the "moment". When I would take my disposable cameras to CVS or Wal-Mart to get them developed, I just could not wait to get them back so that I could show my classmates. When they feasted their eyes on those prints, they were experiencing their moment.

The Lee Family Chooses Capture the Vision

The pictures you see here are of a family that I photograph at least once a year. The dad and I used to be co-workers at Aramark. Once his wife knew that he knew a photographer at work, they instantly became clients.

Ralph hugging Ryan and Reagan, Capture the Vision

I thoroughly enjoy this family. Ralph and Jitana are "warm" people. A very enjoyable couple to talk to. Their two daughters, Ryan and Raegan, are cheerleaders who compete in competitions. Their parents drive them all over the country (it seems) with their cheerleading squad to compete against other teams for trophies and bragging rights. I haven't known them long but I understand that they've been doing it for a while. What impresses me is the younger sister, Reagan. Because she's one of the smaller girls on the team, they toss her up in the air. Never in a million years could I muster the courage to be thrown (literally) into the air, much less try to do flips and tricks while I’m falling. Hats off to you!

Most might not consider this a big deal but one thing I really like about this family is that whenever the Lees come out for a portrait session, they are dressed to impressed. I never take for granted their attire. They are always color coordinated with very charming colors.

Jitana sitting between Ryan and Raegan on a bench, Capture the Vision

These pictures were taken at the University of Kentucky Arboretum. This is place is perfect for portraits (families and bridal), a nice walk, run or a picnic. It has vast fields of nicely cut grass and beautiful looking trees everywhere.

I hosted Fall Minis this year and the Lees took the first slot in the AM. It's actually one of the best slots because of, what us photographers call, the Golden Hour. Even lighting everywhere! Enjoy their pictures? I know I do :)

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  • Anthony Thomas

    Love these beautiful pictures! Great Work usual. It helps to have an ideal Family to create such wonderful pictures!

  • Allen Thomas

    Great work Grandson. You are excelling in eerything you do. I am so happy for you and so proud. Love you.

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