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Mia Rose Photography - Charlotte, NC

My name is Mia Guadagna and I am a freelance photographer and my photography business is Mia Rose Photography. I am primarily based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Indian Land, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. While I live a full time life outside of photography, it is a passion of mine that I love to do weekly.

I love being able to capture a moment of pure joy and happiness within a family. That photograph becomes a memory that will be remembered forever. My photography business has lead me to incredible friendships.

Building bonds with clients is the most important part of being successful in portrait photography. Once a client becomes comfortable around me I am able to capture their true reactions and emotions. A family who is comfortable will naturally laugh and smile. Every family is different. They love, laugh, and live in their own unique ways. What works for one family may not work for another. For a small amount of time they allow me to be apart of their family. I get to laugh along with them and join in on the fun.

After a photoshoot with families I have truly bonded and connected with, I am left with endless memories of a family who made me laugh and have fun. A family who not only did I make feel comfortable but also made me feel comfortable too. I get home, giddy and excited, to edit those photos!

I know that family portraits ins't the easiest task to get your family to do. My small requirement from clients is to come with positive attitudes. Don't make family photos a chore. Make it a tradition. Make it fun. Doing so makes it easier on you, your family, and myself. I understand that not everyone likes to smile, or have their picture taken, and I know how difficult children are. So relax, its my job to get the laughs and smiles, and I promise I will give your children my 100% in getting them comfortable, excited, and to cooperate. My job as your family photographer is to make it quick and fun!

Each child is different. They either love having their picture taken or they don't. My many years of babysitting has allowed me to immensely learn how to make children intrigued, comfortable, interested, and excited to be apart of this task. Sometimes we talk about boogers, play tag, make animal noises, and even discuss school. Whatever it takes! It is extremely important to ensure children are comfortable around you for natural smiles!

My photography has taught me patience and acceptance. Not one family is the same. I've learned to love and laugh more. Life is not a smooth sea and it is important to go with the flow. Children are the leaders of the show. Let them guide the photoshoot in their own direction, Throw leaves, crawl on the ground, and most importantly chase them around! A photoshoot should be a good time, always.


Mia Rose Photography - Charlotte, NC






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