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I am Brandy Knight, owner of High Cotton Photography in LaGrange, Georgia. I primarily photograph families, seniors, and weddings. I have so many things that I love in addition to the challenge of photography. I am the mother of a large family, and I'm also a nurse. When I pick up my camera though, all other thoughts fade away and I lose myself in the moments that I create and the relationships that I capture. As for weddings, so often I fall a little in love with the couples that I work with. I learn their story and work to portray it so that for years to come, they will remember the moments and the details and the emotions that they forget after the hustle and bustle of a busy wedding day.


One of my favorite things about photographing weddings is the very intimate view that I have, almost like a backstage pass at a concert. I am an up-close and personal witness to spontaneous laughs and shaking hands and quiet tears that fall throughout the day. I love being in the dressing room and hearing all of the intimate, behind-the-scenes stories. Like when a mother bends to help her daughter into her wedding heels and tells her the story of the last time her little girl needed mom's help fastening her shoes.


I feel the butterflies while standing with the nervous groom as he waits for his first look at his bride-to-be. I love watching her face as his reaction reassures her that she is beautiful. I soak up the joy on the faces of friends and family as they share the day. I absolutely adore the first dance, and my favorite is the bride with her father. Often I am wiping tears behind my camera as I follow them around the floor. It just gets me. I love the excitement of the reception as everyone crowds onto the floor to show off their moves. I have so much fun during that time because I have a little secret. Shhh, I can't dance! Not even a little. No matter, I like to get right into the mix and catch the fun from unexpected angles.


Choosing a favorite session to feature is nearly impossible, so I chose my most recent wedding. Jordan and Houston were absolutely perfect to work with. Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, they are down to earth, friendly, and easy-going. They know what they want, but at the same time are open to my suggestions and ideas. Like stepping into an elevator to cash in on the gorgeous light coming from the back glass wall. Their wedding day was such a treat for me to be able to photograph. Lots of little surprises were tucked in along the way, like a bridesmaid who passed out during the bridal party session. She was ok soon after, no worries!


I honestly have no idea how other people photograph weddings. I have developed my personal approach, and thankfully it works very well. I like to sit down with the couple, sometimes several times, and dig down to find out how they want their wedding photographed. After all, each wedding takes on a life and personality of its own, so why shouldn't the photographs? I ask lots of questions, and make lots of lists. As we move closer to the big day, I sort of "study" their wedding. So then as we move through the day, I am constantly thinking back to our talks and plans. "Ok, here is our chance to grab that night shot in the middle of the street that the bride wanted", or "I remember that she wanted to re-do this shot from their engagement session and here is our perfect spot".


I am very blessed to have a personality that makes people feel completely at ease. I don't think a wedding photographer needs to be pushy or bossy to get the job done. I am able to guide and direct the day in a gentle and friendly manner. At the end of every wedding, I am told by the bride and groom that I have made their wedding day an amazing experience. I am once again thankful, beside myself happy, and completely exhausted!



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