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D. Willey Photography | Rifle, Colorado Newborn and Children's Photographer

Hi there! I'm Danielle Willey, a photographer based out of Rifle, Colorado. I specialize in Newborn, Children and Family photography.  As a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado in 2001, I dabbled in photography and graphic art for 13+ years before jumping in as a full-time Photographer in 2015. I'm a fun-loving and genuine person who connects well with infants, toddlers and children and have always enjoyed capturing memories and telling a story with my lens.


A newborn has a face unlined with cares and worry; and to capture a new little miracle for one's family and loved ones, is an honor.


To document the love of a mother and a father before their world is about to change is heartwarming and is just as beautiful as capturing the budding relationship between a mother and her unborn child.


There is just something so very sweet and lovely about photographing a small child...before insecurities are created and where pure joy and wonder shines through one's eyes. A child cares less about the camera and more about their surroundings and learning (and tasting!) new things.


When I decided to do photography full time, I was working in Child Welfare and was heartbroken on a near daily basis for a few years. Rather than continuing my work in this capacity, I decided a change was necessary. I have since opened a studio and children's boutique and love working with children and newborns in such a positive way. The best form of therapy is doing what you truly love and in providing others with lasting works of art and beauty they'll cherish for years to come. I love working with families and building new relationships with them. I am beyond blessed to lead the life I live while doing something I enjoy. My children and husband also appreciate a happier and more fulfilled version of "me" and I love knowing that I've set a good example for my girls that they can do anything they desire in life whilst being happy and content.


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