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I have sat in my extremely uncomfortable office chair for at least two hours now, contemplating what my story is; wondering if I have one. I am going to try really hard to express how special this particular shoot and photography is to me in one blog post. I still cannot believe I get to write one. I am beyond honored! style shoot-5169

We moved to Willow Springs my freshman year of high school. Literally, there is not even a stoplight in this town. Not ideal for a teenager.  My mom was pregnant or about to be soon, with her sixth child. We didn’t have a dime to our name. I was the kid that wore the same clothes every other two or three days. I didn’t have extra money for deodorant, let alone a camera. My mom and stepdad took us to church when they could. When they couldn’t we rode the church bus. There was always prayer in our home. When you aren’t blessed in one way, you are in another. However, it is very hard being in high school and not having extra money to do things. I was blessed by the friendships I made at Willow. There was always a friend offering to buy me a drink at sonic after school, drive me home, or buy me much needed deodorant.

I took a photography class taught by my absolute favorite teacher. He introduced me to the Canon Rebel. I fell in love with the sound it made when I would snap a photo. I didn’t want to give it back. Teachers are so important! I hate to get off subject, but I would not be a photographer if not for the encouragement from Mr. Spence and Mrs. Griffith. I never felt poor, dirty, or like I was going nowhere with my life, in their classes.

By the time I graduated, I had no idea what I was going to college for but I was able to get a grant, so I had to go. I rented a wonderful crappy little house with my best friend and took photos for people in the community for 50.00. They were horrible photos! You guys would cry. For real. I didn’t care! I couldn’t believe that people wanted to give me money for doing something I loved.

Next, I married a studly man from Ava, MO. I moved to another small town (this one does have two stoplights). My husband told me I don’t get to be a trophy wife and to get a job! I never finished college (does an associate's degree, count?). To keep doing what I loved, I needed to try harder. I pushed out a gorgeous little girl named Scarlett last February but he still insisted that I bring home the bacon. I opened up my first studio in Ava this year and couldn’t be any prouder of myself.styledshoot-5100style shoot-5005style shoot-4753style shoot-4584style shoot-5230style shoot-4955style shoot-4431style shoot-5278style shoot-4869style shoot-4671style shoot-5411style shoot-6081style shoot-6087style shoot-6152style shoot-5507When Jaime with the Vintage Rental Co. asked me to photograph for a styled shoot she was doing in the Willow area to bring brides and vendors to our small town, I was stoked. I was able to work with amazing women. All women! I am constantly meeting incredible women, but these ladies from my little speck of earth, have had to work from the ground up and overcome obstacle after obstacle to get where they are now. I have a small studio in a small town. I live in rural Missouri. We are surrounded by small towns! I am extremely happy to inform you guys that we are doing big things! We are business owners, mothers, and daughters to an amazing God that is doing great things for us. I really hope that you are able to feel and see all of that in one photo shoot-4938

My name is Shelby Chante’ Hall (I'm on the far right with the lily white legs). I own Shelby Chante’ Photography. Chante’ is pronounced “shon-tay”, just so you know, and weddings are my true passion. I love the dresses. I love the drunk groomsmen that say vulgar things to my assistant. I love the obscene amounts of cake I get to eat. I love even more, that people still pay me to do something that God made me to do.

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  • Sheri aka Aunt Sheri
    Sheri aka Aunt Sheri November 16, 2016 at 6:59 am

    You made me cry. I am so proud of you. I have prayed and cheered for you always. You go be badass everyday and keep doing what you love!

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