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Passions Photography (Nature and Landscapes)

Lamar RiverHi, my name is Sara Passios of Passions Photography and I am many things; photographer, dance lover, tree hugger, and wanderer. Photography has become my viewfinder through which I see the world. It has allowed me to become more in touch with my artsy fartsy outdoorsy side and I love it.Curious Black Bear Union Falls

A few years ago, my boyfriend and I went on a 3-month cross-country road trip. We enjoyed it so much that as soon as we got back we began planning our next adventure. After two years of planning and preparations, we sold and stored our belongings to move into a twenty-six foot travel trailer. In January 2016, we left home to begin our life on the road. Our time traveling since then has been awesome and we have loved (almost) every second of it.Hungry Grizzly Winter Reflections

We are currently in the midst of what could and most likely will become our new lifestyle. Our first months were spent zig-zagging across the South, Texas, and Southern California. After which we were fortunate enough to spend May-September in our country’s first national park, Yellowstone. While there, I truly discovered my love for nature photography, which wasn’t hard to do while in such a beautiful place. Bison greeted us outside our doors in the morning and the sound of elk bugling put us to sleep each night in the fall. In our down time, we would hike as much as possible and explore the marvelous sites that make up Yellowstone, always camera in tow.Dueling Bison Mountain Blue Bird

I can’t say that I have one single favorite shoot, but more of a favorite place. This park was so incredible and diverse that everywhere we turned there would be something new. I felt that every time I turned around I was greeted by some wild creature going about its daily life and giving me a show. I felt as though I were intruding. Once, while watching a grizzly bear feeding on a bison carcass I wondered, “How would you feel if someone came to watch you every time you ate a meal?” Regardless of that feeling, the wildlife never seemed to notice us or care; they carried on with their daily life. I was able to shoot beautiful wildlife moments, and see some of the most glorious landscapes in the world.Love Specimean Ridge

I will continue to shoot through out the national parks we venture into and any other beauty we find on the road. So follow along on our journey and see where the wind takes us. We are fulltime wanderers and you can find us on instagram, facebook, and our website. Happy trails, wherever the road may lead you!




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  • Lori Small

    Awesome photos , Sara!
    Lots of luck with this! I will pass this along to everyone I know!
    Hope to see you guys soon!!

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