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Hi there! My name is Julie from Engage Me Photography and I am so happy to share some of my work with you!  Being a wedding photographer wasn't initially what I had planned on doing but my love for my clients and seeing all of the emotion of the day pour out during a wedding has me hooked.

It was difficult to choose just one wedding to share images from but this one just brings such a smile to my face, so I wanted to share a few. These two melted my heart with their genuine love and almost child-like excitement. It's hard to hold back my own cheesy grin looking at these.

I love when I get to spend the entire day with my couple. There is something so surreal about the getting ready routine on the day of your wedding. The excitement. The jitters. The anxiety. The elation. The dream day... is finally here!

All of the details that you've carefully planned out are all coming together.  Remember how much time you spent carefully picking out the perfect flowers, invitations, centerpieces, and signature drink? As your photographer, I love that you thoughtfully planned this because I can capture it all!

Mike and Anne's small ceremony of close family and friends at their backyard wedding in Minneapolis, MN was so colorful and elegant. It was breathtaking to see them exchange their vows between giggles and tears. These are moments that are such an honor to freeze for my clients to have and to share with family and friends. I love seeing their playful side and pure joy as I relive their wedding day in these photographs.

I am so grateful for finding my niche and for all of the new friends that I've made by being allowed to be a part of their wedding day. It is an absolute honor!


Julie Larson, Engage Me Photography

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