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Welcome! My name is Julie Larson from Julie Michelle Photography in St Paul, MN. I'm thrilled to have recently partnered with Basic Invite to give my clients unique and stylish options to share their photos with family and friends.

I was asked to share some images from one of my favorite sessions and it was tougher than it sounded. I know it sounds cliche, but I really do think that each session is so different and unique. I meet all kinds of people, each with a different story, a different path and it's so fun to get to know each person and who THEY are. From family sessions to maternity, generational photos or the kids growing up and exploring their world, it excites me to step out of my world and capture theirs.

So when thinking of a favorite, I just had to share a few from Morgan's session! She is involved in so many activities and her magnetic personality made this shoot a blast. From the Miss Ambassador program to Ski Team and LaCrosse (which she will be getting a scholarship from) to a girl who just loves her dog... this session really captures her personality and charm.

High school seniors are one of my favorite groups to work with. I think because of the challenge. I would say that the majority of teens are not interested in doing the shoot and mom or dad are making them get their portraits taken for graduation announcements.  But once I can break the ice and hear from them who THEY are and what THEY like, it amazes me how much they open up!

My advice to parents of high school seniors is to step back and let your teen interact with their photographer. Be there to support them but allowing space will give you less fake and forced smiles and more genuine emotions. Although I can't promise you won't get that one eye-roll photo (that you'll laugh about years later).

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Julie, Julie Michelle Photography

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