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    Crossroad Photography is Living Life Creatively

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    Hi, my name is Stacy, and I am the proud owner and founder of Crossroad Photography. I've been a photographer for the past five years and feel blessed to be able to call it my profession. I currently photograph Engagements, Weddings, Families, Maternity, Newborns, Children, Seniors, and Head Shots. While this is a lot, I can't seem to narrow my sessions. I love something about each and every one.

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    Now that you know what I do, here's one fact about me. I graduated college with a Fashion: Retail & Merchandising Degree and worked in the industry for over a decade. As a result, I have always had a passion for creating looks that are aesthetically appealing. I love color, textures, & layers and once they are put together, they create a unique look. With this background, it married beautifully with the creativity that comes from being a photographer. Designing an image by layering together very similar details, as I did in fashion, is fascinating!!

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    As a portrait photographer, it is my job to not only capture moments as they unfold, but to also portray my clients in a pleasing manner. I want them to look at their photographs and not only see the natural beauty they have on the outside, but also feel the emotion they had inside during the session.

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    Most importantly, for me to be able to capture my clients as they are, they have to feel comfortable. Therefore, I meet with all my clients prior to the session. To get to know them, their personalities, and style. This also allows them to get to know me, my quirks, and sarcastic personality. I can honestly say that the people I photograph may start out as a client, but by the end, I have created friendships. I'm the one that stands with them through out their milestones in life and capture the happiness, the laughter, the emotion.

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    I don't just take pictures, I create an experience and design images that are cherished for a lifetime.

    To see more of my work | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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  • Courtney Hizey Photography |St. Augustine, FL wedding


    Headshot photo credit: Emily Maultsby

    Photography has always been a huge part of my life. I was always fascinated with the camera. I'm a bit of a nostalgia nut and will currently spend my spare time looking through old photographs or these days pictures on Facebook. Life is so short and the days come and go so quick that the only thing tangible we have from our memories are photographs. It was when my son was born that I began to really express interest in the technical side of photography. I documented his milestones with the camera and became more and more interested in perfecting each photo.

    Being a "creative" by nature I loved the editing part of the journey. I took as many classes and workshops as I could. As a former teacher, I love working with families and children so naturally I was drawn to having them as my subjects. I always loved the detail and the photojournalism behind crafting the perfect wedding photographs.

    In 2012 I was given an amazing opportunity to shoot and train alongside the resident photographer at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, it was a huge experience that helped prepare me for photographing my own weddings.

    Soon it wasn't just friends and friends of friends hiring me to take their photos it was people I didn't even know who saw my work and many of those people are regular my clients 5 years later. I look back at all the places I have been and the experiences I have had, now half a decade later I have my own studio and celebrating so many amazing things happening with my business this year. I love to look back at how far I have come and all the people I have met along the way. Two of them were a recent wedding couple Erika and Christian.

    Erika was a client of mine when I lived in Florida 4 years ago.  Erika contacted me last fall letting me know she was engaged and wanted me to come to Florida and photograph her wedding.  I was honored to be asked to make the trip and be part of her day.  Not only is St. Augustine beautiful for photos, but Erika and Christian got married on the Schooner Freedom within St. Augustine's harbor.  Double amazingness.  Here are just a few photo's from their amazing wedding day.

    _CHP0876 _CHP0977-2-2 _CHP1015 _CHP1065-2_CHP1381 _CHP1393-2 _CHP1413 _CHP1541 _CHP1593 _CHP1668 _CHP1740   Hair and Make-up: Logan Maxwell of London Looks in St. Augustine

    Dress: Galina

    Shoes: Nina

    Venue: Schooner Freedom

    COMPANY: Courtney Hizey Photography

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  • Lex Photography

    Alexandria Harris at your service or better known as Lex of LexPhotography . I have been capturing memories for going on 10 years. My main focus has always been children and family photography. Capturing kids many facial expressions is always a fun challenge, especially if they are creating a more natural looking modeling portfolio.


    I’m always surprised at how fast my model kids and tweens make friends at the sessions with kids they have never met.

    _MG_5624  _MG_5891wfire  IMG_5748 IMG_5749 IMG_5755 IMG_5758

    As a kid capturing something on my old Barbie camera and getting it developed was the best feeling in the world. Those blurry photos were the start of my interest in photography. As my cameras changed over the years my interest in photography didn’t. It wasn’t until college I found a knack for people photography and started freelancing.

    I was blessed to have a friend with a studio who allowed me to learn studio shooting as well as outdoor shooting. The love I put in each frame comes from listening to my clients and collaborating my vision with theirs and giving them the opportunity to have each and every frame in the form of works of printed art. Some of the ideas I’ve turned into art are truly based straight out of my client’s imaginations. Then other days when I find a client willing or I shoot for magazine print I get to create concepts all on my own Like in the photos I’m sharing. These are my more recent modeling sessions. The group of teens came together for several shots in different locations. They did an amazing job and I wish each one of them success.  In regards to my shooting style, I have a plan in my head but I usually wing it in the field. I would rather the poses come more naturally and be open to surprise photo opportunities that come up at a location. For example, I had a plan in my head for the skateboard photos but after a switch to a new location I winged the whole session but it came out spectacular. I surveyed my area and came up with shots on the fly. I find that no matter where you shoot as long as the person is the true focus you have nothing to fear, follow the basic photography rules and shoot away. My style I believe has always been more in the moment and natural. Which I believe children and tweens should always be.

    _MG_5793_MG_5802_MG_5843IMG_5768To learn more about me please check out my website or check out  lexphotography on Instagram.

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    Models: Lillie Kessel, Damaris Daughty, Jada Tyre, Nicholas Angelo, London Drummond, Adam James Bordeau


    Models: Lillie Kessel, Damaris Daughty, Jada Tyre, Nicholas Angelo, London Drummond, Adam James Bordeau, Darrius Doughty, Mariah beard, Abe’Rii Williams, Jade Wilkins

    Camp fire

    Models: Damaris Daughty, Mariah beard, Abe’Rii Williams, Jade Wilkins

    Casting Director: Shytina Drummond (  Shytina was simply a casting director for this shoot none of the children are represented by her or any agency’s. Each model provided all the clothing and hair styled by parents.

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