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    My name is Sean. Sean Choi. A hybrid Korean-American from New York currently residing in the salty city of...well...Salt Lake City.

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    My journey into photography began at a young age as my godfather placed a camera into my hands when I was 7 years old. He instructed me to use the entire roll of film to tell him a story through the pictures taken. This experience sparked a passion that would carry through a lifetime.

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    Since then, I’ve developed a personal understanding of the power of images. They are able to capture emotions and spread inspiration within the bounds of pixels. Today, I specialize in weddings, portraits, conceptual, and taking photos of anything or anyone with a vision.

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    I feel that the pristine beauty of the Earth that we live in cannot be harnessed by a mere camera. The human body and its perfect design cannot be given the proper justice through a lens. Life and all of the emotions we’re able to feel cannot be captured by a single image. But, an experienced photographer can come close.


    For example, there is this shoot with Dylan & Heather Hill. Our time together, from the beginning with engagements and until the sparkler farewell at the end of their reception, was noteworthy to say the least. I recall a distinct moment when we parted ways moments before they got into their getaway car. We were able to share a few hugs with each other and reflect on their wishes for a dream wedding coming true. It was bittersweet but at the same time, unforgettable.

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    So back to the account from my youth. Yes, holding a camera is an empowering feeling. We, as photographers, have the opportunity to accentuate the best qualities of the people we take photographs of. This results in a personal connection with our clientele as taking photos has the capability to create a bond and a friendship that will last for years to come. I hope we get to meet each other soon.

    Best,  [C.]

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  • Salted Orange Studios

    Hello! I am Jessica Madrigal Utah photographer and co-owner/main photographer of Salted Orange Studios. I would say the biggest reason behind why my husband and I specialize, as Utah wedding photographers is that we love them! We adore the couples, the beauty, and the moment in time we get to share in people’s lives. It is truly an honor to be part of it. We have experienced so much joy through the years meeting people so in love and capturing it. The energy is like no other and it cannot be replicated. It is unique and special. When we create emotional, stunning, and timeless images of this day for any one of our couples, our goal is that every time they look at it they not only remember but relive that moment. It should conjure up the scents, the sounds, and the feelings they had surrounding them. This is why we spend a lot of time chatting, “interviewing” our couples, planning with them, and learning everything we can about them as people and what they desire for their wedding day. At the end of it all we want them to say, “It’s like they KNEW what I wanted them to capture, and how, and when, and I never told them.”

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    I started out photographing my son and my friends back in 2007 for fun. I was told, like many that begin this way, that I was talented and should do this for a living. Boy is that easier said than done! So I dabbled in many different types of photography for a few years including fashion, product, photojournalism, commercial, food, portraits, and even a couple weddings. Going through that process revealed to me what my strengths and weaknesses were, but mostly what my passions were! Since then I have realized the reason why I love weddings so much. Weddings are made up of photojournalism, fashion, portrait, product, and artist expression all in one beautiful moment in one couple’s life. Because of this our style is a well-rounded blend of perspectives.

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    Three years ago my talented husband Javie began photographing weddings with me and there really is nothing better than working with your best friend doing something you love doing. We have 3 beautiful children and reside in the greater Salt Lake City area. Even through we are a Utah portrait photographer we are passionate about many things aside from our love for photography. We somehow manage to be a blend of artists, foodies, tech geeks, car fanatics, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts, and travel addicts. A few other things we enjoy are cooking, a glass of wine, sushi, Star Wars, nature, and being from the Pacific Northwest we have been accused of being coffee snobs! But I digress.

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    Probably our favorite wedding (it’s really hard to choose) so far as a Utah engagement photographer is one that we photographed for Rachel and Alex in 2013 at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, UT. This couple was not only a ton of fun but so was their wedding! They quickly welcomed us into their family and it was just a perfect fit. For this couple we did an engagement session which was creative and genuine! These are some of our favorite and most complimented engagement photos. This couple offered up a few surprises and amazing photographic opportunities at their wedding. One of the fun things they had was a casino room for them and their guests to play at during the reception. Hilarity ensued! This allowed for everyone to let loose and have some real fun together. Another way their reception was memorable was the photo booth we provided. This was great because they were able to get so many fun photos with their guests. Personally, my favorite reason this couple was unique was simply their quirky personalities and creative ways they showed that through their photos!

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    After all was said and done it was time to deliver their album and prints. When we gave them their final product the bride and mother of the bride teared up and told us thank you for everything. This is by far one of the biggest reasons we do what we do. We make a difference. This is a huge day in every bride and groom’s life. They should feel like everyone else sees it that way too. And not just because they paid for it…but because people genuinely care. Love is both fragile and stronger than anything. Portraying its truth through art is a blessing and we thank every couple for allowing us into their hearts to do so.

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  • Danto Photography

    To be honest, I never expected to make a career out of photography. But now that I have, it’s hard to imagine my life any other way.

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    I never went to school for photography. I never learned to light meter subjects with acuity and I never spent hours on end in caustic dark room environs. My teacher was my father, and the curriculum was his 40-year love affair with the camera. While it may not have been an exacting approach on how to be a proper photographer, He taught me how to “see” through a lens. He taught me about composition, framing, why a shot is good, why a shot is bad, and how to make it better.

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    More than twenty years after my father first put a camera in my hand, after I'd begun picking up professional photo gigs on the side of my “real” job, premiered a photography art show, and replaced my computer so I’d have more power to edit photos, I finally realized I couldn’t keep doing this as just a hobby. So in 2013 I took everything I'd learned and started Danto Photography. As with all good things, it took some time to build, but now I’m constantly busy with weddings, engagements, portraits, and more. So much so that the people on Basic Invite are even taking notice.

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    The images in this post are from my favorite engagement session of 2014. It's my favorite because the photos demonstrate a range of the techniques I’ve learned—both from my father and along the way—and encapsulates my artistic intent. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it was the perfect location with the perfect couple at the perfect time of day. I’m particularly proud of the photos’ achievement of a natural aesthetic, which lets the true beauty and enchantments of love speak for itself.

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    During every engagement session I shoot I have one word going through my head – timeless. I want to capture emotion with my work, and I want you to be able to come back to the photos year after year and feel the same undiminished emotion every time you look at them. This ambition pushes me to be more creative, to be better for my clients—they deserve those lasting memories—and reminds me why I take pictures in the first place. We all need our inspiration, it just so happens that mine is your love.

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