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Montana Lifestyle Newborn Photography | Bridgette Pence Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Great Falls, Montana

Being a mother of two young (ish) children, I'm always surprised at how I feel when I'm around newborns.  When I look at those tiny hands and feet, smell that newborn smell, watch those sweet little yawns and whimpers...I am immediately in awe.  Almost like I've never had two of my own.  Or maybe because I've had two of my own.  What is it about those teeny tiny little ones that can keep us staring at them...for hours...just watching in wonder? It's truly amazing.  THEY are amazing.  And my "job" is amazing.

Bridgette Pence Photography Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

As a lifestyle newborn photographer in Great Falls, Montana, I'm always looking forward to another day on the "job".  On this last newborn session, I had the true pleasure of spending the early afternoon with this beautiful lady, miss Nora, and her gorgeous mama.

Lifestyle newborn photography is particularly special to me, because I believe in the power of perspective.  When I look at these special images, I see the love of a family welcoming a new life to their home.  I see the beginnings of a connection between two sisters.  I see a young husband and wife navigating the HARDEST job on earth...and working together to make it happen.

But does it seem as serene and beautiful to these tired, hardworking parents?  I'm going to say "no", based on my own experience of having two babies under the age of 2!

Bridgette Pence Photography Newborn Images

But someday...someday...when 8 hours of sleep is no longer just a far-fetched dream and this mama can enjoy five minutes to herself...these parents will have a new perspective of these first moments as a family of four.  And then, these images will evoke the same wonder and amazement that I feel every time I'm in the presence of these little ones.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful little family's images as much as I enjoyed capturing them!  And if you like what you see, please visit and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Bridgette Pence Photography Newborn with dad Newborn with Moose Paddle Newborn in crib newborn closeup
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