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Carmel Valley Wedding Photographer at Gardener Ranch

After photographing more than 150 weddings over the past 7 years, I've created a style that is as timeless as art, documented for generations and beautiful in it's nature. My job is so much more than creating beautiful pictures, it's encapsulating moments in time from one of the most memorable days of your lives. My name is Majesta and I'm a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer.

Ask me in person and I probably wouldn't be able to articulate such an eloquent answer for you, but it's a job that I don't take lightly and have fun doing. It's also one that challenges me, excites me and makes me incredibly happy!

When I became a wedding photographer, it was an unexpected twist of fate. From fashion retouching to working in a wedding studio, I found myself falling in love with the client. The weddings that I photograph are ALL about my clients, their families and friends. I LOVE getting to know them as more than just a "customer", they truly become friends.


As my own family has grown, moments like Linzey walking down the aisle with her dad make me weepy...and sometimes teary! As I walked towards my  own husband on my wedding day, I remember feeling like the rest of my life was ahead of me! I love my parents, but a new beginning was on the horizon. And now as a mother, I can't imagine the day my daughter will no longer turn to us first. This is such a huge moment for bride and her parents!

"What's my favorite part of the day to photograph" is a question I get A LOT. This is the hardest question because, why?! It's all SO good. Look at Linzey & Evan's reaction to her dad's speech. The look on their faces as they walk down the aisle. The love in their eyes as they whisper jokes back and forth during portraits. When mom zips up the dress! It's all special  when it means something to someone.


I hope you enjoyed just some of the special moments that I captured at Gardener Ranch the night of Linzey & Evan's beautiful summer June wedding. It was an unforgettable wedding with great people, a lot of love and a beautiful setting!

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