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Two Become One Photography

Two Become One Photography began in the fall of 2014 when siblings Phil and Evie, who lived in two different parts of the United States, came together after Evie moved back home to Kansas City. Over a cup of Starbucks coffee they decided to merge their two wedding photography companies into one. Amazing what can happen over coffee…mmm, coffee!


Phil and Evie already shared the same goals for photography and after writing those out it became clear what their mission should be; to honor God with their talents by serving their clients, creating a fun and relaxed environment and delivering classic romantic images.

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Although Two Become One Photography is a fairly new company, between Phil and Evie they have 15 years of experience. Phil has a degree in cinematography and loves telling the whole story of a wedding day. Evie uses her eye for details to capture the small intimate moments that are sometimes missed.

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Art was never far from this brother and sister team while growing up and during their younger years they lived above their Grandmother’s art studio. It was completely normal to come downstairs and see Grandma Lucy’s beautiful oil paintings being worked on. Evie and Phil believe this greatly impacted their lives and love of art.

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Two Become One Photography are a fun sibling team that delivers beautiful images that a bride’s granddaughter will one day cherish and at the end of the day, that’s their goal, to keep memories alive for generations to come.

Phil and Evie currently live in Kansas City but also serve the St.Louis and Little Rock areas.

COMPANY: Two Become One Photography


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Gown and tux- The Bridal Shoppe ( )

Hair- Danna Eggemeyer

Make up- Teal Dontrich

Models- Cieara & Ronnie Ruess

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