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Amma Jill Photography

Hey, I'm Amanda Jill, or as some friends call me, Amma. Besides being a photographer, I am also a surgical nurse, Air Force wife, and busy mom of two! If I had to use two words to describe myself, I would use 'photo- lover' and 'book -nerd'. These two words share one thing in common: storytelling. I feel that as a photographer, I am able to capture YOUR moment in life and bottle it up forever. I get the privilege to tell your story and preserve it.

I have always loved photos as long as I can remember. My dad used to teach high school photojournalism when I was younger and he had his own darkroom. Of course, my photography is much different than his dark room days! I received my first DSLR in 2010 and started my business in 2012.

Amma Jill Photography is based out of Augusta, GA. I consider myself a natural light/ photojournalism styled photographer. I offer all types of sessions to include engagement & wedding, family, senior, children, maternity & newborn. My favorite type of session for me to photograph is my Mommy package. This includes Maternity, hospital photos, and a traditional newborn session. These are my FAVORITE photos to take because becoming a Mom really shaped me into who I am meant to be. Being a Mom opened up my heart to so much more love than I could ever imagine; this is why I love being a part of this amazing time in other's lives. Some people say your wedding day is the most important day of your life. I have to disagree; I believing welcoming a new baby in the world is the most important day of your whole life!!



This session above is actually my twin sister. We are active duty Air Force and don't live near family. I was so excited we visited home while she was pregnant so I could capture this beautiful moment in her life.

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Do you find yourself looking back at your little one's newborn photos and thinking, "Wow, you used to be so tiny!!" I LOVE hospital photos because these are the absolute first moments of your baby's life. How lucky am I to photograph someone when they are 24 hours old or less?!


When planning for a traditional newborn session, I talk to the parents and get their ideas, prop suggestions, and favorite colors. This momma helped me come up with the idea of a little mermaid baby!

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This picture above is actually my daughter. She was born the week of Easter so of course I had to incorporate an Easter theme!


Being a photographer is so rewarding. I love having the opportunity to be a part of other people's lives and having the chance to tell their story.




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