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Hey there! I'm Sarah Arnoff Yeoman and I'm a travel and documentary photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I also own Sarah Arnoff Photos, which specializes in relaxed wedding photojournalism and portraiture. I'm really excited to share some of my favorite photos from a recent newborn session I shot in Southern California!  Sarah Arnoff Photos Utah Newborn Photography

I got started in photography as a kid, and I think in the way a lot of kids get interested in photography: flipping through pages of old National Geographic magazines. I was given my first DSLR camera as a high school graduation present and went on to do portraits and weddings and pick up freelance work during and after college. Taking what I've learned through my experiences in documentary photography, my photos of families and weddings have a very photo-essay-esque feel to them, and I want to emulate my subjects' stories through the pictures I make with them. This newborn shoot is one of my favorites because it really displays my style and the intimacy of documenting the everyday chaos of family life--one of my favorite things.

Sarah Arnoff Photos Utah Newborn Photography

Sarah Arnoff Photos Utah Newborn PhotographySarah Arnoff Photos Utah Newborn Photography

One of the things I try to accomplish in every session is to find a balance between natural moments and posed portraiture. My instinct is to document my subjects' lives unobtrusively, but not everything natural will make people look their best. I believe that it's really important to click with your photographer--whether you're having them shoot your wedding, headshot, family photos or whatever--because there is a huge difference between standing awkwardly in front of the camera with a cheesy grimace-smile and being able to show genuine emotion. Having a photographer you are comfortable with makes it so much easier to accomplish the latter. I'm also pretty funny (if I do say so myself) and being able to make people laugh is a huge plus.

Sarah Arnoff Photos Utah Newborn Photography

I want to engage with the people I'm working with before we actually start making photos together. With couples and families especially, I want to be able to observe the dynamics of their relationships and figure out how to create an experience where they will feel immersed. I want to make images that people will want to print and physically hand to their friends and families or put in an album--I'm not a huge fan of photos wasting away in a digital abyss. Which brings me to my next point: shooting film.

Sarah Arnoff Photos Utah Newborn Photography

I shoot film because the results are reminiscent of snapshots you'd find in old family albums, and there's just something about its quality that leaves people pleasantly surprised. I specialize in shooting with antique analog cameras (the oldest one I work with is from 1914), almost all of which were handed down from my dad and grandpa. I could gush on and on about my love of film and photography in general, so maybe I'd better stop here.


 I spend most of my time shooting up and down the Wasatch Front, but I'm available for travel wherever photos are needed. I get cabin fever like nobody's business and set out on adventures quite often, so I might be in your area. I usually post my schedule on my Instagram account. If you'd like to keep in touch, you can see more of my work and contact me via my website:

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