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Making a Session

My name is Anna Johnson-Smith.  I am a full time mother, former kindergarten teacher, and photographer.  I own Smith Family Photography located near Waco, Texas.  We strive to provide a fun, modern, and creative photography experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Smith Family Photography developed from a need that I had as a mother.  We have a "his-mine-ours" type of family, which consists of eight children.  Family photography sessions with a family that size are typically very expensive and stressful.  Kids do not want to cooperate.  They fight.  They argue.  They give goofy faces.  They are KIDS!  Although they are kids, photographers have a set amount of time they can spend at each session, which just adds to the stress.

As a mother, I hated photography sessions and the majority of the time I was less than impressed with the results.  I wanted to provide an affordable photography service specifically for families.  I strive to provide a relaxed atmosphere for the session and understand kids are kids.  A little bit of patience goes a long way with them, as I found out during my time as an elementary teacher.

When you book a session with us, you will more than likely get to meet members of my family.  After all, Smith Family Photography is a family company and we all work together to provide a service to our clients.

During the past three and a half years I have met some awesome clients!  Each session is unique, which allows us to create unique portraits for each of our clients.  I especially love it when they suggest a new location!  So in May of 2017 when a client asked me to find them a beautiful location that wasn't typically used for portrait sessions, I gladly accepted the challenge and began searching for the "perfect" location for this family.

I began searching for locations on Google and I stumbled upon Mother Neff State Park in Moody, Texas.  Now anytime I decide to actually use a new location, I have to actually go to the location and get out and explore.  I want to find spots that will provide a great location for the upcoming session.  I have to consider many factors, such as lighting at different times of the day and backgrounds.  I also look for any safety concerns and consider those with the ages of the clients.

Choosing the "perfect" location can often times make or break the session.  We obviously don't want to break it!  We want to MAKE it!

You can read more about the five factors I consider when searching for a new location on my blog post, Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Location!

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