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Bride to Be

Hi Everyone, from ShutterPix Photography!

~Where You Express Yourself, Because Today, Will Be Gone Tomorrow....

Welcome to my Photography and my blog.

I am a Photographer in Corpus Christi, Texas and for the Texas Gulf Coast. I photograph for the reasons that you don't want to lose what Today brings!  Many of us, forget those moments that fade with time and we wish we had a photo that reminds us of the twinkle in your eye or the broad smile of excitement.  For me, I have lots of images on my computer but when I have a print in a frame, it is the moment I remember the joy behind that capture!

ShutterPix Photography photographs Weddings, Portraits, Bridals, Engagements, Children and Families.  I use signature poses, and lifestyle moments to capture you and your life. Then, I add light or shadows for drama, and depth.  My passion is carefully editing my images, noticing which colors need to be accentuated or placed more subdued.   I enjoy getting to know you and your lives to portray your intimate and vulnerable side to life.  To me it's honest and forthright. Love is, life...your friend...your journey...your fears...your light...your darkness... your trials... your tears and more!  Why not capture your moments, all of them.

Bride to Be



This Beautiful Capture is in the eye of the light with my subject and the environment. I always retouch and play up the shadows and cast light either during my session or after in my editing.  My retouching on the faces are smooth with their skin a soft but medium touch, keeping it authentic and realistic, without losing the expressions and soft shadows.

Hold hands as always a Family This image had multiple cars in the background that distracted from my viewers.  I wanted to rid the vehicles so that my viewers only see this family strong and united.  I wanted this to capture their love, strength, and togetherness.  I love lifestyle shots because they depict life at its fullest. They wanted the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge in their image because it will be replaced with a different bridge.  Memories to capture and always remembered.

Families ard Forever

I use two external flashes, one on the camera and one behind my subjects.  I expose for the night sky in this image.  Then, I bring up the lights in my editing software and added a touch of saturation to the skies and colors to make them stand out.

Unforgettable & Timeless These images are Timeless & Unforgettable in black and white. The memory is with depth, and passion, and the moments here, are undeniable.

Mansion by the Sea Wedding to Remember

I live and work on the Gulf Coast near Corpus Christi, TX.  I love to travel and will be adding to my journey as a Photographer in other destinations.  If you are having a wedding or interested in my photography for your family, I am available to go where ever you want me!  My special interests are the West Coast and Colorado, special discounts apply to these destinations.

I am able to modify my costs, because memories are for you and me, these are always in the budget. ;)Salty Toes Together Forever




If you would like to message me or like my page, you may visit or email me at  I am always available to plan your memorable day!

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