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Hello, I am Mason Brooks. I am originally from Omaha, NE but now I live in Hastings and I am a senior at Hastings College that will graduate this May. I have 3 siblings who live in Alabama, Tennessee, and Utah, I have played golf for Hastings the last 3 years but know I am on the tennis team, I lead worship for Cru, and a long time ago I used to work at renaissance festivals… but that was an awkward time. I love Jesus, fashion, Starbucks, playing guitar and going to long bike rides.


I never believed that I could have a job where I would be able to do what I love everyday. I thought that only a few people got to do what they truly love and make a living, so when I started college I chose a major that would eventually lead to a “big boy” job. I suppose I wasn’t the brightest child, but at least someone told me before it was too late…


My goal is to capture moments of emotion in the lives of people, so that they can later look back at those little snapshots. That’s just one piece of the puzzle, though. I also aim to create material that is meaningful, powerful, innovative, and of quality. Whatever I do I want to be able to put my whole heart (and mind) into it because if I put my name on something I want that something to have significance and weight to it. Throughout the last year and a half I have had many opportunities to serve those who are trying to help better the world and it is my joy that I can stand along side them to also help better our world.


This wedding shown was my cousin’s in June of 2016. Its one of my favorites for a number of reasons, the first is because my grandma called me the week before and asked me if I would be her date. Of course I said yes, but I also asked if someone was doing photos and video, and volunteered myself because if I’m there I might as well be making the most out of it. Another reason is because this wedding was in Estes Park, CO so obviously it was an incredibly beautiful. During this time I also had the opportunity to have one of the worst, most horrible, sunburn of my life. No one thought to tell the guy from the middle of flat Nebraska that with elevation the sun gets more intense, ha. On my way home I sat with a bottle of aloe in my lap and constantly applied gel to every part of my body that was consumed by a fiery inferno. Definitely memorable.


I absolutely enjoy what I do, I suppose that’s an understatement, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of what I do for anything else. It brings me joy and satisfaction knowing that I am trying to aid in the betterment of the lives around me.

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