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Bre Taulbee Photography

I've loved photography since the day I received my first camera. It was a Barbie Polaroid. I would go around at family events and snap as many photos as I could! Over the years I upgraded cameras as fast as technology allowed. I photographed nature (the Red River Gorge in Kentucky where I grew up made the perfect backdrop!) and I photographed friends and family.


My very first session with a couple was in the Spring of 2013. Two of my best friends from high school were engaged on Valentine's day of the same year and they asked me to do their "Save the Date" photos since they were comfortable with me and they were camera shy. It was an amazing first experience.

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I officially started a professional business in January of 2015 and haven't looked back since! This is my passion. I love to immerse myself into my work and get to know each client personally in order to make their experience with me perfect!

I call myself a lifestyle/natural light photographer. I live for those candid, real, raw, emotional moments! That's why I love doing wedding photography, each passing moment of the day is a sum of hundreds of perfectly candid photo opportunities!IMG_1972IMG_2030IMG_2106IMG_2124

Each time I have a new session I claim that it's my favorite, so I will share with you my latest wedding. I am from a small town in Kentucky that no one has heard of so the opportunity to shoot a wedding in our biggest city of Louisville was a dream come true. I met with the bride early that morning to get some snapshots of her hair and makeup appointments that took place in her sister's beautiful home.


After the bridal party was all dolled up, we headed to the Cathedral style chapel in a hummer stretch limo. Which I believe is the best way to travel! I love getting to share in every moment of the day. Once we arrived to the church, the bride's other half was waiting under the arches for a first look at his true love. This was the first time a couple had requested a first look so I was over the moon!

IMG_2237 IMG_2239IMG_2244 IMG_2337 IMG_2447IMG_1790 IMG_2464IMG_2535The reception followed the ceremony in a loft downtown. The details were exquisite! From the windows overlooking the city, to the Kentucky Bourbon barrels placed perfectly around the room. The couple's family was amazingly hospitable and made me feel like I had known them for years! It was truly a magical day.

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