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Dreams Come True in Camden, Tennessee

IMG_5770   I bought my first professional camera on October 3, 2014. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be where I am now, nearly 2 years later. In my little town of Camden, Tennessee, there’s an over-saturation of photographers, and they’re extremely talented- more talented than I ever thought I could be. I was (and still am) a full-time college student, working a full-time job, while juggling family and my relationship. I didn’t think I would have the time nor would I have a chance to become a ‘real’ photographer.

Now, I edit my pictures and get butterflies when I see the final results. My clients suggest me to their friends, family, and even strangers. I have a photography session nearly every day. I live in a dream.


I capture the love between a couple, the joy in a child’s smile, and the emotion of a bride before her wedding.

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I give priceless memories to people in a form that they can save and cherish. I put my soul into my photography, and my heart into my editing- my final product is a piece of me that will live forever, along with that memory. Of all my sessions, my favorite would have to be my latest session with my best friend.


Lynsey and I have been unlikely friends for 7 years, with her being 6 years younger than I am (she’s currently 15 to my 21). She has helped me immensely with my photography. She’s always a willing model for my new techniques, a helper at any session she can make it to, and a second camera at weddings. She was the first person I ever took a picture of with a professional camera. She’s sat through endless sessions (and still does) to help me further my abilities behind the camera. When we first started, her self-confidence was low. She was worried about her looks, her weight, her braces. Over time, as I continued to improve behind the camera, she continued to improve in front of it. As I became capable to show her true beauty, she grew more confident in herself.IMG_5761-2 In our last session together, we tested out my new technique “Beautiful Sky”. Now a veteran at being my model, she hit the poses perfectly and gave me some amazing pictures to use for my advertising. Everyone loved them. They commented on the beauty of the picture and of her. IMG_5856IMG_5942Today, she is far from lacking in confidence. As her best friend, I can say that sometimes she can be too confident, but I’m proud to say I’ve had a major part in creating that issue. She has been instrumental in helping me, and I’m honored to be able to show her pictures for this.

I love my life as a photographer, and I’m grateful for my clients, family, and friends! Thank you for choosing me! I can’t even begin to say how honored I am to be selected to participate in this as well!

COMPANY: J. Muller Photography


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