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Chelsea Jo Photography

Hello everyone! My name is Chelsea Archer! I am a wife, mom, dog mom, and wedding photographer based in Omaha, NE. Some of my favorite things: Jesus, the Dallas Cowboys, hiking, camping, traveling, coffee, cheesecake, candles, foxes, and sweatshirt weather. I have had the privilege of taking wedding photos for amazing couples since 2013.

I love getting to know people and giving them photos that they will cherish forever. Photos that people are excited to share with their friends, family, and with future generations. My goal as a photographer is not only that my clients look amazing in their photos, but that when they look at the photos they feel amazing too.

As you can see, I got to shoot a stunningly DREAMY engagement shoot this winter. The bride-to-be wore a red velvet dress and stiletto heals in the snow.

I mean come on... could they be more perfect?

To make the session even more interesting (like having a client walking around in the snow in heels in 20 degree weather isn't crazy enough), I was SUPER pregnant for this shoot. Like 13 days away from my due date pregnant. I was waddling. They were shivering. Their hands were falling off. But they NAILED their session nonetheless. Being a photographer isn't always warm, comfortable, and glamorous, but as a people-loving wanderer who loves taking photos, I couldn't ask for a more perfect job.

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