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Justin and Lauren Photography | Northern California


Our story in photography is a little unique and special - at least it is to us.

We don’t have stories about the time we got our first camera or how we fell in love with photography at a young age and saved for months to get the newest lens. In fact, neither of us ever picked up a DSLR until about three years ago.

We owe our love for photography - and each other - to the Air Force. We both joined a few years ago as photojournalists. Our job is to capture the story of the awesome things our men and women in uniform are doing and share it with the world. We were lucky enough to go through job training at almost the same time, and well, the rest is history. We celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary this past November.


While our job Monday through Friday is as storytellers for the military, we had a desire to do more. Because photography and the way a single photo can speak to you or bring you back to a moment and all those feelings is what drew us together, we knew we wanted to share that with others. That’s when the idea for Justin and Lauren Photography was born.

When we capture weddings and engagements, it allows you to take those special moments in your life and relive them time and time again.

Seeking adventure is what guided us to this point in our lives, and our goal is to meet other like-minded couples whose relationship can be described as a wild adventure - wherever they may be. Ask us to trek up snow-covered mountains in frigid temperatures, endure the barren deserts during summer or anything in between, and we’ll be there camera in hand ready to capture memories that will always remind you of your wild love.

Check out some photos from one of our favorite shoots below!


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