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Romantic Adventures in Bridal Portraits

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Hi there! I'm Taylor Torbert, owner of Beulah Photography in Columbia, South Carolina. Capturing genuine laughs, vulnerable love, and the sweet romance of two people starting a new adventure together fuel my work as a photographer. This bridal session left me starry-eyed and completely enamored with what I get to do. Laura's friends owned some land out in the middle of nowhere that they graciously let us explore as long as there was light.  We hiked over creeks, frolicked in fields, explored deep in the woods, and went wherever we wanted. These kind friends also offered us their golf cart so we could explore every corner of their property before the sun went down.

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Laura jumped at the idea of an adventure style session.  She picked up her train and blazed a trail through the woods.  She wasn't worried about the dress, just caught up in the romantic feel of being a woodland fairy princess for the day.  That's my goal for every bridal session: maybe not specifically woodland fairy princess, but royalty nonetheless. I hope that every client leaves their session feeling magical and beautiful in a way they've never experienced. I love that I get to provide that for people; the chance to be a super-model for a day, to feel like a queen, to play dress up. I love to create the environment where brides can imagine themselves however they feel most beautiful and loved.

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While driving the golf cart, I asked Laura what she looked forward to in marriage.  She talked about how much Patrick was her best friend.  She talked about how they helped each other daily.  The work as a team, building each other up and encouraging one another. That's another part of bridal sessions I love: hearing each couple's story. I want to watch them giggle with happiness over the gushy details! It was a dream to see Laura so happy and hear how much her fiancé made her feel loved and adored.

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