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Amber Patrick | aterrormusical photography

Hello! I'm Amber of aterrormusical photography! I recently quit my day job as a marketing coordinator at a music venue in Cleveland, OH to pursue my photography business full-time. I became a photographer out of necessity. About four years ago, I was writing for a music publication and my editor told me that he'd like photos from the shows I reviewed. We weren't big enough to be given two press passes per show, so I had to learn to take the photos needed myself. I really fell in love with music photography, however, when I went to Bunbury Festival and photographed the Flaming Lips. I'll never forget that set! While we were standing in the pit, a piece of Wayne Coyne's tinsel-covered costume fluttered down and landed on my shoulder. I tied it to my camera & left it there for a long time, kind of as a blessing, I guess. These days, I'm the house photographer for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It still blows my mind that I get to do what I do for a living.


In addition to music photography, I also do wedding, portrait, editorial & product photography. I have a passion for working with local brands and helping them craft a visual story. I hate posing & I hate Pinterest copycat shoots, so it's important to me that I find a way to help my clients be natural in front of my camera. I strive to capture real moments and I think the people who find their ways to me see that and hire me for my ability to capture the tiniest details of some of their most important moments.

I've always shot digital (started on Canon, switched to Nikon, probably going to switch again soon), but I'm interested in film as well. I was just gifted my first film camera by a former client and I'm excited to see what I dream up with it!

WFF-8137 WFF-8015 WFF-8031

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