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Kristin Clardy Photography

Hello! I'm Kristin, I'm the girl behind the camera at Kristin Clardy Photography! I have been shooting for 5 years and started when I was a junior in high school. I picked up the camera one day and fell in LOVE! I haven't put it down since! Right now I am a senior (YAY!) studio art major studying the art of photography. I can not wait to graduate and pursue my dream of being a full-time photographer!5

My heart is in family and children photography. I love capturing candid moments that represent the beauty that is in childhood and the beauty of the love amongst a family. I love spending time with families and watching them interact with one another. It is the coolest job ever to get to photograph smiles, laughter, and the small quiet moments of life that are ever so fleeting! As I get older I realize how important and special my job is. As photographers, we get to take this life that moves faster and faster every day and slow it down to a complete stop. We get to use the elements of the earth around us, like light, to add to the mood of the moment and create something that nobody has ever seen. I think it is amazing!

While I am shooting I look at the whole scene. I love environments and using them to create a unique portrait. I want to capture the whole mood of the moment, everything that was there the moment I was shooting the photo! Therefore, that is why I am sharing this photo session with you guys today! This is some of my most recent work and I love the way it turned out. We spent the afternoon exploring a new location and I worked to capture what it was like for a family to be in a new place and see new things. This photo shoot was a combination of family photos and Annslee's 7-month milestone shoot! I hope you enjoy!

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