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Mustache Baby Shower Theme: Real Baby Shower

Mustache baby shower theme using our mustache baby shower themed shower card. At Basic Invite there is nothing we love more than to see how our baby shower invitations are used to help create the perfect baby shower.  So we wanted to show you this real baby shower and hope it will give you some great ideas for your own showers.

This shower started off with the little man baby shower invitation which is perfect for the mustache baby shower theme, it can be found here.  The little man invitation is great because it can be personalized to fit just about any color color scheme.invite-n-cupcakes

Mason Jar Drinks The mason jars filled with apple juice is a really cute touch and it is something you can do pretty inexpensively.  The hardest part is finding the lids and the cute paper straws to go in them but we have already done the research for you and you can find the links below for all the decorations used at the shower.

Paper Straws: Pack of 25 – $4.35 Daisy Cut Lids: 12 Count - $9.18

Cupcakes Every baby shower should have cupcakes in my humble opinion.  The reason for this is that they are so versatile with dozen of different cupcake wrappers you can find a cute wrapper to perfectly match your theme.

Cupcake Wrappers - $3.99 to $5.99

watermelon-decorBaby Carriage I love the décor that was used especially the watermelon baby carriage.  Even though this was used for a boy baby shower the baby carriage is very gender neutral and can easily be used at any baby shower.  Surprisingly the watermelon carriage can be made it about 30 min.

Here is a step-by-step video how to make the baby carriage.

Baby Carriage Video

Chocolate Mustache Treats What really mak es the whole décor in my opinion are the chocolate mustaches.  I know these can be purchased pre made but I would recommend making them yourself and save a ton.   If you buy them pre made it will cost you around $16 per dozen, so with a little work you will be able to make almost 100 at that price.

Mustache Molds – $4.34 Lollipop Stick: 100 count – $8.88

 Onesie Clothesline Babies can never have enough onesies as they go through 3-4 different wardrobe changes each day.  So make sure to that in your shower you include a personalized onesie.

Personalized Onesie - $16.99


At Basic Invite we offer a great selection of fully customizable baby shower invitations.  Each card can be customized with over 150 different colors as well as 100 different fonts so that you can create the perfect invitation.

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