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Bridal Shower Checklist and Timeline For The Perfect Shower

A bridal shower gives the bride one last chance to celebrate her engagement and spend time with family and friends. In the days leading up to the shower, you might feel a little worried about the event, but following a simple checklist will help you ensure that her celebration goes off without a hitch.

Cute Brial Shower Decor

2 Months Before The Shower

Start planning the shower at least two months ahead of time. Now is the time to ask the bride what type of shower she wants and who she wants invited. Coed showers are incredibly hot right now because it lets the future groom take part in the event. She might prefer having a shower just for girls, and she'll definitely have ideas about the guest list.

6 Weeks Before the Shower

Once you have the guest list in hand, you can pick a time and location and send out your bridal shower invitations. Send the invites out at least six weeks in advance to give guests time to plan.


4 Weeks Before the Shower, Decide on:

- the menu - the decorations - the theme - the party favors - the activities or games

Though you might think that you have everything under control, you still need to deal with a few things in the coming weeks. Buy the party favors that you want to hand out, or if the bride prefers, make those favors. You also need to buy the decorations, utensils, plates and any other supplies that you need on the day. Depending on the theme, you might find that you can borrow a few things from other guests, including tables, chairs and a punchbowl. Two weeks before the shower, order any food that you need for the ceremony. If you're planning a low key event, you can talk to other guests about making dishes that they can bring to the celebration.

The Day Before The Bridal Shower


The day before the bridal shower is one of the more important days. This is the time when you double check on the food and arrangements. Nothing is worse than discovering that your venue lost your reservation or that the weatherman calls for rain when you planned an outdoor event. Finalize all of your plans before you start wrapping presents. Other things you can do on the day before include:

- decorate the venue - arrange favor bags - pick and wrap prizes for your games and activities - arrange the tables if you can - wrap the gift you picked for the bride

The Day Of Bridal Shower


Start by placing the party favors and goodie bags in one large canvas tote, cardboard box or reusable shopping bag. This helps keep those items separate from the gift(s) you bring for the bride and the prizes. Place all of the prizes in a separate bag, and place the gift for the bride in a separate location. The last thing you want to see is someone "winning" the bride's gift because you placed it in the wrong spot.

If you make food for the shower, arrange for transportation to the venue ahead of time. Don't forget to bring serving utensils for those dishes, and bring a few extra too. You never know when another guest might forget to bring a spoon for her dish. You can also bring any tablecloths or table linens, fresh flowers and other things you couldn't take to the venue the day before.

Planning a wedding shower should be a fun and exciting event, and by using this checklist, you can relax and enjoy the party without feeling stressed.

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