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  • Erich Chen Photography

    About Erich Chen Photography                        

    I’ve been photographing weddings since I’ve been in college which is when I fell in love with taking people’s portraits.  Ever since then my love for photography has grown more each day, and since that was about a decade ago I’m completely passionate about what I do. I love the feeling of making people feel comfortable and bringing their personalities out and capturing beautiful candid photojournalistic images. After years and years of shooting weddings I keep thinking to myself that I’ve seen it all in weddings that there isn’t anything I haven’t seen yet. But time and time again there’s always something different which it keeps it fresh and fun for me as a photographer. Sometimes that could be a mother and son well choreographed danced, and sometimes it could be shooting a wedding in hut in Bora Bora.


    When it comes to taking portraits I love using natural light because I think natural light is the most beautiful since it’s versatile and ubiquitous. Once I find the right light that I want to use I give my couples specific directions on what I envision to so they exactly what I want without making it look static, posed, or awkward. But it’s also the way I interact with my couples and how I give them direction that make them feel so comfortable and easy. It brings me a lot of joy when I hear my couples say “Oh wow! That was really fun,” or “that was a lot more fun that I expected it be.”


    I really make an effort to make my work different than other work by being more creative with composition and direction. I would describe my work as unique, spontaneous, light-hearted, and photojournalistic.

    About the wedding


    When I first heard  from the coordinator that Jin and Ricky wanted to shoot at a total of 27 different locations I shut down. Even though that was 27 locations spread between three different sessions I didn’t think it was possible.  We crossed off a few before the shoots and what was left still seemed like a big mountain to go over but it was a challenge that I wanted to do.  It turned out to be quite the adventure! We didn’t end up shooting nearly as much as they originally anticipated but that was okay. They were really happy with all the images and so was I. We all got to go places that we’ve never been to before and we all enjoyed the whole experience.


    When Ricky prepared for his big day he and his numerous groomsmen got ready at an old school barbershop where they hand trim your hair on classic red cushioned swivel chairs while you sip on whiskey. Well the last one is optional, but it is that type of barbershop.


    Their setting for their big day was at the Fig House in Los Angeles which was filled with bold color in it’s mid century modern backdrop. To say that Jin and Ricky have good taste would easily be an understatement. They have amazing sense of style and a fun personality to go with it! But looking past all the stylish details, delicious food, and thirst-quenching libations it was not difficult to feel all the love that was at the wedding. There was so much joyous warmth and emotion it made for excellent photojournalism.


    My favorite moment from this wedding may have been their first touch moment. Ricky came down the hall while Jin waited around the corner out of Ricky’s sight, and when Ricky was close enough they both reached around the corner to hold hands. I never know quite what to expect in moments like these but Jin ended up bursting into tears. My eyes may have gotten a little damp from watching that happen.


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  • Sierra McCray Photography

    Hello! My name is Sierra and I’m an eighteen-year-old senior and wedding photographer in Staunton, Virginia. I think I first fell in love with photography when my grandma and I would stretch out photo albums across her kitchen table and flip through them for hours. It was then, listening to her talk about her wedding day, seeing toddler photos of my dad, and reminiscing the many summers my cousins and I spent playing in the creek on our grandparent’s farm, that I realized just how important and powerful a photograph can be. Later, I spent hours reading photography blogs (wedding blogs in particular) and couldn’t wait until I was a wedding photographer and had a blog of my own.

    In high school, I joined my school’s yearbook staff and while I loved photographing school events and sports, I was still determined to become a portrait photographer. My friends were always willing to dress up and model, and before I knew it, kids from my graduating class were asking me to take their senior photos. I was honored, but I still held this idea of being a photographer in the back of my head because I thought it was something I had to pursue later in my life. After a workshop hosted by Hope Taylor Photography, another young photographer who started her business her senior year of high school, I realized this dream of mine wasn’t something I had to postpone.

    At the end of my senior year, I purchased my first professional camera and started second shooting with some other local photographers, and eventually started booking weddings on my own. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make right before heading off to college, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I’m happiest behind my camera. It’s not easy trying to run a business when you’re young and trying to find your place in the world, but I’m happy chasing sunlight, photographing two people madly in love, and young people celebrating an important milestone in their life.


    Hannah + Kody’s wedding was one of my favorites not only for the beautiful, bright bouquets, the gorgeous fields and fences that stretch across her family’s farm, or her gorgeous, long veil. I loved the story of how they met, how they started dating, how Kody proposed, the way they privately prayed together during their ceremony, and just the pure, loving bond between them. It was an honor to be a part of these high school sweetheart’s big day!

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  • Sydney Morman Photography

    Hello! My name is Sydney and I am the owner of Sydney Morman Photography.

    I've been shooting since I graduated high school back in 2010.  My sessions over time have evolved into a fun and fresh bonding experience with my future bride and grooms.  We spend a few hours together exploring locations, talking about how they met and how they got engaged.

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    I met Tori and Conner at Little Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant located right outside of downtown Orlando.  They tried Pho for the first time as we discussed their passions in life.  Connor works as a Police officer in a small town right outside of Orlando, and Tori works as a bartender at a Louisiana soul food restaurant in Winter Park.

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    Together they live in a cute family style home with gorgeous natural light and dark hard wood floor.  They share their home with their 3 rescue dogs, Beau, Jericho & Puzzle.

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    I loved this session so much because they were just as passionate as I was about getting awesome shots.  There was no time limit that we had to finish in, and nothing tying us down.  They had the best attitude about everything we did and every idea that I had.  I can't wait for their December wedding at the end of this year!


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