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  • Pure Media Hawaii - Featured Photographer

    My name is Brandan Lee and I’m part owner and founder of Pure Media Hawaii. I have a passion for filming, photographing and editing weddings. I shoot a combination of contemporary, traditional and photojournalistic styles depending on the given situation. I love working with people and I’m very flexible when it comes to providing them with their needed expectations. The most rewarding part of my job is the reaction of our clients when they receive their photos for the first time. I look forward to being a part of your special occasion.

    Brandan Lee

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    What I tend to gravitate towards the most when I’m going through my photos after a shoot is frames where I’ve utilized the natural light. There is definitely a time and a place for using flash -- Don’t get me wrong, I love being creative with my flashes when the situation calls for it -- but when the opportunity presents itself, I’ll turn off my flash 100% of the time and shoot ambient. I feel like the fact that my work has evolved on the Hawaiian islands provides me with a lot more chances to shoot ambient than most photographers around the world. Having traveled a good amount myself, I’ve come to realize that Hawaii really does benefit from some of the best weather and lighting conditions in the world. Everything in Hawaii seemingly works in favor of the photograph, rather than against it. Naturally occurring contrast, even and warm light throughout the day, beautiful people...It would seem really difficult to not somehow get a good photo sometimes! I know I’m lucky, so I do my best not to waste it and take advantage of every opportunity I’m given to provide my clients with something memorable.

    - Sean Michel

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  • Kolen Photography - Featured Photographer

    Your event images will only be as good as the person behind the camera, regardless of the photography rate, studio location or high-end referrals.


    Konrad is the owner and the main photographer of Kolen Photography. Kolen Photography offers a boutique style service where exceeding clients photo expectations is always the main priority.

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    Konrads style is a mix of artistic documentary with unique portraits and traditional family portraits. Whether the event is at The Plaza in NYC for 800 guests or at your local restaurant anywhere in the world Kolen Photography will make sure each event is documented beautifully.


    Kolen Photography always strives for photo excellence by using creative lighting over Photoshop. Konrad personally believes in high photography standards with minimal use of computer to only slightly enhance what is already there.

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    Clients are encouraged to personally meet at Kolen Photography’s new Midtown NYC studio located at 1201 Broadway.


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  • Paradis Photography - Featured Photographer

    Great photography comes from great light and a special moment captured. I am always scanning my surroundings looking for THE shot. I actually get giddy when the sunlight hits a pretty scene just right. I look for the little quirky things wherever I am. Maybe it is something little that is easily looked over like a heart shaped leaf or a reflection in a puddle after it rains.


    My style is photo-journalistic; unposed and documentary. I love working with natural light and strive to use it in my work as much as possible. Whether it's a wedding, portraits, or any event- photographing the emotions, the details, and story of my clients is my passion.


    I love traveling and have gone as far as Hawaii for my clients. I look forward to traveling internationally and finding beautiful locations in my own back yard. To our old friends in Austin, TX, & Ocala, FL we are always looking for an excuse to come back!

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    I love photographing children. I love their honesty and individual beauty. I have 3 children of my own. My children keep me going day in and day out. As part of the most photographed generation this world has seen, I am doing my part to make sure they can look back on their childhood and feel like they can relive it. I want that for all my clients, family, & friends. Those memories are treasured so much more when you can hold a beautiful photograph and it instantly takes you back


    With my camera, I am able to tell a story behind each image in an unobtrusive way. As a professional photographer my goal is to capture those fleeting moments in life, to record those emotions, and preserve those memories for generations to come.

    Let me show you what your memories look like.

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