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So for the last 40 years I have been capturing memories and telling stories with my photos. A few years ago God brought it to my heart to start my own photography business. It all started with creating my website The name originated by using the first letter of my name and first letter of my husbands' first and last name.  I am an all Occasion photographer.

I have been around photographers my whole life. My grandfather and father were the photographers in the family. Now it's me! I feel that I take after my grandfather, being that I grew up with him and he shared and taught me a few things. I remember following him to the garage where he kept his dark room. No one was allowed to go there or bother him while he was developing his film. I remember these shoe boxes filled with black and white pictures that he took in Okinawa from WWII. He would know everyone's name in his pictures. He would set the scene of what happened right before he took the picture and his soft side would show as he told the story. The memory of these soldiers are kept alive in these pictures and that is where my inspiration comes from. For someone who I have photographed and they look at their pictures and relive that feeling, that emotion of that specific moment in time. Serving others with my gift that God blessed me with is where my pride in my work comes in.

My step dad took us to a yard sale in Beverly Hills, CA. Out of all of the sparkly girly things I saw there, what caught my attention was a little square box-shaped camera. I begged my mom to buy it for me. So at the age of 9, I owned my first Kodak instamatic 100 film camera. The first of many!  So every time we had a family event, there I was capturing our memories. I now have a bunch of shoe boxes of my own with my stories to tell just like my grandpa had.

One afternoon I received a phone call from a very enthusiastic bride, letting me know that she needed a photographer for her intimate wedding in Laguna Beach, CA. She liked what I had to offer and hired me on the spot.  I am very honored and flattered when I get hired over the phone based on my portfolio.  We met on her wedding day, she was sitting in her air-conditioned car waiting for her family to finish decorating the gazebo where she was going to exchange her vows.  She trusted my vision and my specialty to cover her special day. I was able to capture the essence of their love, whether posing or candids their love for each other, their kids and their family shined through.

Wedding party having fun


I am blessed to cover weddings and everything else in between. I meet great people who welcome me to be part of their lives. I get inspired by them in creating moments captured in time by me. I never thought I would be having a blast while making a living at what I am most passionate about. I am Truly Blessed!


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