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Jessica Bartlett Photography | Mommy&Me Minis: Dog Edition

I have always been a dog person. As a little girl, I would bring home any stray dog I found, begging my mother to let me keep them. I was raised in a household with 8 dogs, each of them special in their own way. As a photographer, I wanted to bring that love of dogs into my work.

The warm sun was gleaming down with that golden hour glow that I always love. You could hear the soft sound of cows mooing in the distance and the bright chirp of birds. I thought to myself, “What a perfect evening for mini sessions.” That was when my first client of the weekend showed up. She had an older black Labrador with her named Colt. My heart dropped as his white snout start coming my way with his tail wagging like crazy. I fell to my knees and embraced him. This is why I was doing this, I thought.

 A little while later, my next client showed up for her pregnancy announcement. She had with her and her boyfriend their young yellow lab. He was eager to start working, as if he knew he had an important job to do for Mom and Dad. I posed him next to the sign they had made and the infant Romeo shoes they brought. As I laid in the grass field staring at this overly joyed dog through my lens, I thought again, “This is why I am doing this”.

Throughout the weekend I had a few more mini sessions with wonderful women and their canine companions. The lighting was dreamy, and the scenery was whimsical. Nothing quite got to me as much as each interaction with those dogs though. They each had their own personality from a slow moving old black lab to a young and flamboyant malamute. I was able to learn about them, their owners, and what brought them together. Looking back at the photos I captured for my clients and seeing the happiness that their dogs bring them and love they have for their dogs I thought one last time, “This is why I am doing this.”

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