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Jayne Strathdee Photography

My passion for photography started when travelling around the world with some of my best friends in 2004.  At that time I was mainly focused on landscape photography, we saw some amazing sites during our travels, mainly around Australia and New Zealand.

When I returned to Aberdeen, Scotland I purchased my first DSLR and started to look at portrait photography.  I came across an amazing photograph from Manchester, UK, called Rosie Hardy ( and commissioned her to take some photos of me for my 30th birthday (so I can look back on them when I’m old and wrinkly!).  This is my favorite of me from her shoot:


My love of portrait photography grew from there.  Rosie also ran wedding photography workshops and I attended a few of these.  The workshops really inspired me and gave me some confidence to start up on my own.  I did my first wedding in 2012 and was absolutely terrified but over the years my confidence has grown.

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I love weddings, I love the ‘love’ of the day, everyone looking their best and visibly happy.  For me it’s important to try and capture the personality of the couple and trying to get the perfect ‘natural’ shot, the time where the couple forget the camera is there is my favorite part.

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I also particularly like black and white images of the day as I feel there is a different atmosphere in a black and white photo compared to that of colour, it feels more intimate and you can really focus on the couple.

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All the weddings I’ve photographed have been amazing and special in their own way, from my brothers intimate wedding at his home in Speyside (whisky country) with all his tractors cleaned and covered in bows, to one of my best friend’s wedding in Las Vegas.  The wedding I’ve decided to focus on for this article is that of Mike and Jemma because they are, without a doubt, the most AMAZING couple I have ever met.  I’ve known both Mike and Jemma for a number of years and they have the relationship I aspire to have.  They’re best friends and you can see the love and fun they share together.


Prior to the wedding we did an engagement shoot which was the most fun I’ve had with a couple, they were up for anything and the photo’s really capture their personality.

Mike and Jemma had a slightly unique wedding(s)!  They had their legal wedding in Scotland at Banchory Lodge which just outside Aberdeen, in Royal Deeside and is an amazing location and then there other wedding in Spain.  The Aberdeen wedding was quite traditional, with the guys in kilts and was a very intimate affair which was amazing to part of.

IMG_9647bw2IMG_9795bw IMG_9809bw

The Spain wedding had the guys in less formal (but more weather friendly) attire and was such a special and fun day, just like the couple.


I’m so grateful for the opportunity to capture people’s special day and have the opportunity to travel around the world doing so and can’t wait for my next wedding!



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