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Molly Stark Photography

Photography is a feeling, it's an emotion, and for me it's a way of life. I view the world in light, in shadows, in color, and in black & white. I have been creating art in the form of photography for over twenty years. I've used several different cameras, negative and positive film, and I have even owned a one hour photo processing lab. Eventually -- kicking and screaming -- I gave up film and moved into the digital era. There are times that I really miss working with film but I love the freedom that digital photography has brought to the industry.


I love photographing the newness of babies. One of my favorite sessions as of late was sweet baby Alanna. It was a perfect situation. The lighting was exactly how I hoped it would be. The house was peaceful, and even her two big brothers, as excited as they were, were calm and gentle with their baby sister. Mom and dad were open and trusting with all of my ideas and because of that we were able to create amazing images of this beautiful little girl and her family.

When photographing babies I prefer to go to my clients' homes. I feel it's more comfortable and convenient for them. I don't use a flash or any kind of studio lighting so the first thing I do when I arrive at their home is search out the perfect room with the perfect lighting necessary to capture beautiful and naturally lit images.


It's impossible for me to put a time limit on newborn sessions. We are on their time, and I will wait as long as needed to guarantee a successful shoot. Baby Alanna did amazing, and getting her brothers involved kept them interested and engaged, and they were so helpful!

It is a privilege to document the important moments in people's lives. Every session changes me and inspires me. Every client becomes a part of my photography family, whether I've worked with them once or several times. My goal is to always give my very best every time because at the end of the day, all you have left are memories and photographs.

I am surrounded by many amazing artists and photographers in my area, but rather than looking at them as competition, I feel blessed to be among them and I consider them friends and mentors. I love what I do. I am one of the lucky few who have been able to turn my passion into my profession.

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