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Joanie Sparks, Sparks Photography, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Hi friends!

I have been a photographer, a storyteller in images all of my life!  I feel like I have never not owned a camera of some sort!  Good thing my mom was such a good sport in paying for the processing of my film - mostly of the posed barbies, toy horses, my knee, my cousins, and a few decent shots of my own best friend horse.  I swung that little 110 camera around my wrist for most of my young childhood.

I started more in-depth self-education in the art of photography in 2013.  I have found photography has become not only a passion, but a therapist, a soother to my soul!  I specialize in graduating seniors, families, and children.  I love to capture special candid moments, photos to treasure, as I call them.  Those moments are timeless and of the true self.  I typically try to shoot my clients' sessions outdoors during the golden hour.


I am so flattered to be asked in choosing one "favorite" session to be featured, but I had the darndest time deciding!!  All of my sessions have a special place in my heart.  I mulled over it for about a month!  SO, after speaking to a few excellent advise givers, I chose my last family session.  I feel like I am at my highest level of shooting and in each next session I am learning something new to apply to the next...

Meet the Petracca Family.  I shot this session here in Las Cruces at New Mexico State University in the beautiful afternoon autumn light.  I have never ever had a man be so excited about taking pictures!  He stole the spotlight with their beautiful girls.  Mom and I became quite busy chasing and begging and bribing the youngest for "just one big smile at the camera" and "just one more picture...pllllllease!"  Challenging to say the least, but it was a real joy meeting and playing with the girls.  They are so sweet and especially darling in their white matching dresses.

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When I go back through to glance at my photos, as I often do, I found I look at this session first. It just makes my heart happy!

Taking treasured photos for others is always such an honor.  They chose lil ole me to be their timekeeper. How amazing is that!

Joanie Sparks

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