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Engagement in Rome - Cecelina Photography

It was an incredibly hot day in Rome and the streets were bustling and as noisy as you’d expect from Italian life. I had traveled to Italy with a stylist friend of mine to create new and exciting work in one of my favourite European countries. Who could not love the the atmosphere, the food, the wine and the history this city brings? In our tiny hotel room right in the middle of the city we crammed in together with hair and make up artist and our engaged couple, who we were photographing this day in the gardens of Villa Borghese.

London born Rebecca had moved to Italy for work just five years ago and met Lorenzo in his home town. After some incredible dates - just as romantic as we imagine - they became a couple.

“Apart from loving him more than I’ve ever loved anyone, what stands out for me in our relationship is the mix of cultures.” she says. They talked about the language barrier, getting to know each other’s families and ultimately deciding which country to live in. Rebecca laughs and says they mostly eat Italian food but the occasional Sunday roast to happen too!

Together we walked through the gardens in the setting sun and I watched them come alive in front of my camera. Initially shy and awkward, with some guidance they relaxed into it and I could truly see what they bring out in each other. I knew from the very start it would be one of my favourite engagements sessions to photograph - I felt such a connection to them and their story.

Growing up in Sweden, I always dreamed of adventure, but never knew where it waited for me. In my early twenties I decided to go on a trip to London by myself and experience life in a city I had always been intrigued about. Three months became nine years as I fell in love with the English lifestyle and I set off to start my business as a wedding photographer. Fast forward all these years, I am happily in love, own a crumbling (currently being renovated!) 1860’s Victorian house in Kent and traveling all over the world with my photography. I know the difficult choices you have to make when you have family and lives in two different countries. That made Rebecca and Lorenzo’s love story stand out for me and is one of my absolute favourites.


Photography - Cecelina Photography - - @cecelinaphotography
Stylist: The W Stylist - - @thewstylist
Hair + Make up: Louise Faulkner - - @louisefaulknerrome
Florist: Nina E I Fiori - - @ninaeifiori
Dress: Katya Katya Shehurina - - @katyakatyalondon
Calligraphy: Beautifully Lost Studio - - @beautifullyloststudio
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