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Wedding Invitation Assembly FAQ

Ready to start putting your invitations together but not quite sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with helpful answers to your questions when it comes to stationery assembly. 

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Wedding Invitation Assembly Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assemble my Wedding Invitations?

To properly gather together your wedding invitations for mailing, these should be placed face up, in order from largest to smallest with the Invitation on the bottom, followed by the enclosure cards and response cards. For more details visit our blog, How to assemble your wedding invitations.

How do I use a belly band?

Once you have assembled your stationery, these can be secured by placing the belly band face up, then wrap the ends together so they meet behind the cards. To secure these together we suggest using double sided tape.

What are my options for addressing envelopes?

When addressing your invitation we suggesting the following options:
1) Printed envelopes. This can be done  from home or through a vendor using a font matching your Invitations
2) Hand written envelopes. If you don't have the best penmanship don't be afraid to ask your friends or family for help. Be sure to use a high-quality rollerball pen in black or a coordinating ink color matching your invitations.
3) Hire a Calligrapher. It's a good idea to provide your calligrapher envelopes (including a few extra) and guest addresses 2-3 weeks prior to your mail out date.

When should we mail our wedding invitations?

For local weddings, invitations should be mailed 8-10 weeks before your wedding. For destination weddings, aim at sending out earlier, about 12 weeks in advance.

How much postage do I need for my invitations?

We recommend fully assembling an invitation and taking this to your local post office for most accurate pricing